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Articles 117:

Social Norms and the Gender Gap in Labor Force Participation: Evidence from Turkey
Z. Eylem Gevrek , Deniz Gevrek
vol. 30, 2023, p. .

Tax Evasion from Cross-Border Fraud: Does Digitalization Make a Difference?
Emmanouil Kitsios, Joao Tovar Jalles, Genevieve Verdier
vol. 30, 2023, p. 1400-1406.

Transnational Banking Supervision, Distance-to-Distress and Credit Risk: The SSM Case
Carlos Francisco Alves, Bernardo P. Marques, Joana C. Silva
vol. 30, 2023, p. 2079-2085.

The Impact of Institutions on Economic Growth in OECD Countries
Óscar Afonso
vol. 29, 2022, p. 63-67.

Did Wage Inequality Increase in Portugal? Yes, and for Good Reasons
João Manuel Rodrigues Pereira
vol. 28, 2021, p. 973-977.

How to Disappear Completely: Nonlinearity and Endogeneity in the New Keynesian Wage Phillips Curve
Daniel Sebastiao Abreu, Artur Silva Lopes
vol. 28, 2021, p. 774-778.

The Impact of Labour Market Institutions on Income Inequality: Evidence from OECD Countries
Natércia Fortuna, Antonio Neto
vol. 28, 2021, p. 1110-1113.

The Impact of the COVID Public Policies on the Chilean Households
Carlos Madeira
vol. 28, 2021, p. 1562-1565.

Education and Risk Compensation in Wages: A Quantile Regression Approach
José Cabral Vieira, Carolina Constancia, João Teixeira
vol. 27, 2020, p. 194-198.

Exposition of Evidence for Idiosyncratic versus Induced Seasonality in ETF Performance
Carlos Alves, Duarte A. Reis
vol. 27, 2020, p. 14-18.

Firms' Performance and Board Size: A Simultaneous Approach in the European and American Contexts
Mário Gomes Augusto, Rui Pascoal, Pedro Reis
vol. 27, 2020, p. 1039-1043.

Investment and Profitability Factors in Mutual Fund Performance Evaluation: A Conditional Approach
Paulo Leite, Maria Céu Cortez
vol. 27, 2020, p. 1312-1315.

Sovereign Indebtedness and Financial and Fiscal Conditions
António Afonso, Joao Tovar Jalles
vol. 27, 2020, p. 1611-1616.

Technology Balance of Payments and Countries' International Competitiveness: A Dynamic Panel Data Analysis of OECD Countries, 2000-2017
Aurora Teixeira, Diana Barros
vol. 27, 2020, p. 992-996.

The Labour-Share Decrease and the Technological-Knowledge Increase
Óscar Afonso, Catarina Almeida, Paulo Vasconcelos
vol. 27, 2020, p. 982-986.

Bringing Geography into the Analysis of Trade Competition
Nuno Crespo, Nádia Simões, Sandrina Moreira
vol. 26, 2019, p. 948-953.

Household Heterogeneity and Consumption Dynamics in the Presence of Borrowing and Liquidity Constraints
Bruno Albuquerque
vol. 26, 2019, p. 454-459.

Low Skill Wages and Mismeasured Inflation
Luís Guimarães
vol. 26, 2019, p. 909-913.

Modelling Insurgent-Incumbent Dynamics: Vector Autoregressions, Multivariate Markov Chains, and the Nature of Technological Competition
Bruno Damásio, Sandro Mendonca
vol. 26, 2019, p. 843-849.

A Bottom-Up Approach for Forecasting GDP in a Data-Rich Environment
Francisco C. Dias, Maximiano Pinheiro, António Rua
vol. 25, 2018, p. 718-723.

Debt Crisis and 10-Year Sovereign Yields in Ireland and in Portugal
António Afonso, Jorge Silva
vol. 25, 2018, p. 217-222.

Single Currency and Fiscal Performance: The Early Euro Area in Perspective
Joao Tovar Jalles, Carlos Mulas-Granados, José Tavares, Carolina Correa Caro
vol. 25, 2018, p. 415-419.

Skill Premium in Portuguese Manufacturing Industries
Manuel Carlos Nogueira, Óscar Afonso, Elias Soukiazis
vol. 25, 2018, p. 1015-1018.

Support to Renewable Energy Sources and Carbon Capture and Sequestration: Comparison of Alternative Green Tax Reforms
Susana Silva, Isabel Soares, Carlos Pinho
vol. 25, 2018, p. 425-428.

Systemic Financial Crises and the Housing Market Cycle
Luca Agnello, Vitor Castro, Ricardo Sousa
vol. 25, 2018, p. 724-729.

Competing-Destinations Gravity Model Applied to Trade in Intermediate Goods
Felipa de Mello Sampayo
vol. 24, 2017, p. 1378-1384.

Current Account Balance Cyclicality
António Afonso, Jorge Silva
vol. 24, 2017, p. 911-917.

Determinants of Nonresident Government Debt Ownership
António Afonso, Jorge Silva
vol. 24, 2017, p. 107-112.

Infant Mortality in Europe, Socio-economic Determinants Based on Aggregate Data
Aida Isabel Tavares
vol. 24, 2017, p. 1588-1596.

Reconsidering Wagner's Law: Evidence from the Functions of the Government
António Afonso, José Alves
vol. 24, 2017, p. 346-350.

The Impact of the Informal Economy on R&D, Wage Inequality and Economic Growth
Óscar Afonso, Rui Sarabanda
vol. 24, 2017, p. 39-44.

The Nonobserved Economy in the European Union
Óscar Afonso, Francisco Almeida
vol. 24, 2017, p. 14-18.

A Note on the Triple Difference in Economic Models
Peter Berck, Sofia Villas-Boas
vol. 23, 2016, p. 239-242.

Are Remittances an Instrument of Stabilization and Funding in the Euro Area?
Leonida Correia, Patrícia Martins
vol. 23, 2016, p. 1177-1181.

Are There Political Cycles Hidden inside Government Expenditures?
Vitor Castro, Rodrigo Martins
vol. 23, 2016, p. 34-37.

Budgetary Decomposition and Yield Spreads
António Afonso, Joao Tovar Jalles
vol. 23, 2016, p. 1093-1098.

Explaining Divorce Rate Determinants: New Evidence from Spain
Dolores Jimenez-Rubio, Nuno Garoupa, Virginia Rosales
vol. 23, 2016, p. 461-464.

Financial Stress and Sovereign Debt Composition
Luca Agnello, Vitor Castro, Joao Tovar Jalles, Ricardo Sousa
vol. 23, 2016, p. 678-683.

Markups' Cyclical Behaviour: The Role of Demand and Supply Shocks
António Afonso, Joao Tovar Jalles
vol. 23, 2016, p. 1-5.

Tax on Emissions or Subsidy to Renewables? Evaluating the Effects on the Economy and on the Environment
Susana Silva, Isabel Soares, Óscar Afonso
vol. 23, 2016, p. 690-694.

The Impact of Health Sector on R&D, Economic Growth and Wages
Óscar Afonso, Ana Sarabanda
vol. 23, 2016, p. 1006-1011.

Do Debt Crises Boost Financial Reforms?
Luca Agnello, Vitor Castro, Joao Tovar Jalles, Ricardo Sousa
vol. 22, 2015, p. 356-360.

Fiscal Sustainability: A Panel Assessment for Advanced Economies
António Afonso, Joao Tovar Jalles
vol. 22, 2015, p. 925-929.

On the Long-Term Macroeconomic Effects of Social Spending in the United States
Alfredo Marvão Pereira, Jorge Andraz
vol. 22, 2015, p. 132-136.

Panel Data Analysis for Renewable Energy Investment Determinants in Europe
Gyanendra Singh Sisodia, Isabel Soares
vol. 22, 2015, p. 397-401.

Portuguese Stock Market Returns and Oil Price Variations
Sebastião Messias Marques, Margarida Catalão Lopes
vol. 22, 2015, p. 515-520.

Profitability Determinants of Portuguese Knowledge-Intensive Business Services: Empirical Evidence Using Panel Data Models
Paulo Maçãs Nunes, Zélia Serrasqueiro
vol. 22, 2015, p. 51-56.

Sports and (Real) Business Cycles
Alper Çenesiz, Christian Pierdzioch
vol. 22, 2015, p. 233-238.

The Relevance of Fiscal Rules for Fiscal and Sovereign Yield Developments
António Afonso, Ana Sofia Guimaraes
vol. 22, 2015, p. 920-924.

Causality for the Government Budget and Economic Growth
António Afonso, Joao Tovar Jalles
vol. 21, 2014, p. 1198-1201.

Evidence for the Seasonality of European Equity Fund Performance
Carlos Alves
vol. 21, 2014, p. 1156-1160.

Financial and Economic Downturns in OECD Countries
Caterina Mendicino, Maria Teresa Punzi, Markus Haavio
vol. 21, 2014, p. 407-412.

Selectivity and Timing Abilities of International Socially Responsible Funds
Paulo Armada Leite, Maria Céu Cortez
vol. 21, 2014, p. 185-188.

Do Fiscal Rules Matter for Growth?
António Afonso, Joao Tovar Jalles
vol. 20, 2013, p. 34-40.

Fuel Price Transmission Mechanisms in Portugal
Francisco Silva, Maria Batista, Nelson Elias
vol. 20, 2013, p. 72-75.

How Do Mobile-Voice Operators Compete? IVQR Estimates
Corrado Andini, Ricardo Cabral
vol. 20, 2013, p. 18-22.

Modelling Money Demand: Further Evidence from an International Comparison
Ricardo Sousa, Fredj Jawadi
vol. 20, 2013, p. 1052-1055.

Public Policy for Innovation and Internationalization: Are They Worth It?
Celeste Amorim, Mariasole Bannò, Valentina Morandi
vol. 20, 2013, p. 927-930.

Structural Breaks and Nonlinearity in US and UK Public Debts
Ricardo Sousa, Fredj Jawadi
vol. 20, 2013, p. 653-657.

The Cyclicality of Education, Health, and Social Security Government Spending
António Afonso, Joao Tovar Jalles
vol. 20, 2013, p. 669-672.

The Messenger of Inflation-How Media Change Political Competition
Paulo Mourão
vol. 20, 2013, p. 267-271.

Unequal Futures? Mass Higher Education and Graduates` Relative Earnings in Portugal, 1995-2009
Pedro Nuno Teixeira, Hugo Figueiredo, Jill Rubery
vol. 20, 2013, p. 991-997.

Wage Inequality Determinants in European Union Countries
Óscar Afonso, Ana Lurdes Albuquerque, Alexandre Almeida
vol. 20, 2013, p. 1170-1173.

Worldwide Synchronization since the Nineteenth Century: A Wavelet-Based View
António Rua
vol. 20, 2013, p. 773-776.

Are Young SMEs' Survival Determinants Different? Empirical Evidence Using Panel Data
Zélia Serrasqueiro, Paulo Maçãs Nunes
vol. 19, 2012, p. 849-855.

Dirty versus Ecological Technology in an Endogenous Growth Model
Mónica Meireles, Isabel Soares, Óscar Afonso
vol. 19, 2012, p. 729-733.

Fiscal Adjustments and Income Inequality: A First Assessment
Luca Agnello, Ricardo Sousa
vol. 19, 2012, p. 1627-1632.

Fiscal Volatility, Financial Crises and Growth
António Afonso, Joao Tovar Jalles
vol. 19, 2012, p. 1821-1826.

How Do Banking Crises Impact on Income Inequality
Luca Agnello, Ricardo Sousa
vol. 19, 2012, p. 1425-1429.

Portuguese Football League Efficiency and Players` Wages
Francisco Lima, António S. Ribeiro
vol. 19, 2012, p. 599-602.

Sectoral Leadership in International Competitiveness: The Portuguese Case
Elsa Cristina Vaz
vol. 19, 2012, p. 1319-1330.

Skill Mismatches and Wages among European University Graduates
Santiago Budría, Elena Bárcena-Martín, Ana I. Moro-Egido
vol. 19, 2012, p. 1471-1475.

The Impact of Education on Household Income and Expenditure Inequality
Nuno Alves
vol. 19, 2012, p. 915-919.

The Price of Efficiency: Examining the Effects of Payroll Efficiency on Major League Baseball Attendance
Colin Santos Regan
vol. 19, 2012, p. 1007-1015.

Time-Varying Expected Returns: Evidence from the United States and the United Kingdom
Ricardo Sousa
vol. 19, 2012, p. 413-416.

Wealth-to-Income Ratio and Stock Returns: Evidence from the Euro Area
Ricardo Sousa
vol. 19, 2012, p. 619-622.

Wealth-to-Income Ratio, Government Bond Yields and Financial Stress in the Euro Area
Ricardo Sousa
vol. 19, 2012, p. 1085-1088.

Assessing Health Efficiency across Countries with a Two-Step and Bootstrap Analysis
António Afonso, Miguel St Aubyn
vol. 18, 2011, p. 1427-1430.

Assessing Long-Term Fiscal Developments: Evidence from Portugal
António Afonso, Ricardo Sousa
vol. 18, 2011, p. 1-5.

Measuring Performance in the Portuguese Banking Industry with a Fourier Regression Model
Carlos Pestana Barros, Maria Rosa Borges
vol. 18, 2011, p. 21-28.

Performance of European Airports: Regulation, Ownership and Managerial Efficiency
Rui Cunha Marques, Carlos Pestana Barros,
vol. 18, 2011, p. 29-37.

Technological-Knowledge Dynamics in Lab-Equipment Models of Quality Ladders
Pedro Mazeda Gil, Óscar Afonso
vol. 18, 2011, p. 333-336.

Tracking the Libor Rate
Rosa Abrantes-Metz, Sofia Villas-Boas, George Judge
vol. 18, 2011, p. 893-899.

Understanding the Determinant Factors of Internet Business Solutions Adoption: The Case of Portuguese Firms
Maria Fraga Martins, Tiago Oliveira
vol. 18, 2011, p. 1769-1775.

Wage Persistence and Labour Market Institutions: An Analysis of Young European Workers
António Gomes de Menezes, Dario Sciulli, José Cabral Vieira
vol. 18, 2011, p. 823-828.

An Efficient Test of Fiscal Sustainability
Vasco Gabriel, Pataaree Sangduan
vol. 17, 2010, p. 1819-1822.

Events That Marked Tourism in Portugal
Jorge Andraz, Paulo M. M. Rodrigues
vol. 17, 2010, p. 761-766.

Expansionary Fiscal Consolidations in Europe: New Evidence
António Afonso
vol. 17, 2010, p. 105-109.

Long-Term Government Bond Yields and Economic Forecasts: Evidence for the EU
António Afonso
vol. 17, 2010, p. 1437-1441.

Looking for a Change Point in French Monetary Policy in the Early Eighties
Maria Alberta Oliveira, Carlos Santos
vol. 17, 2010, p. 387-392.

Public and Private Investment Rates of Return: Evidence for Industrialized Countries
António Afonso, Miguel St Aubyn
vol. 17, 2010, p. 839-843.

SBTC versus Trade: Testing Skill-Premia Evidence across 25 OECD Countries
Alexandre Almeida, Óscar Afonso
vol. 17, 2010, p. 1497-1501.

Analysis of School Failure Based on Portuguese Micro Data
Amélia Bastos, Graça Leão Fernandes, José Passos
vol. 16, 2009, p. 1639-1643.

A Test Statistic Equation for Obtaining Alternative Wald and Score Statistics in the Generalized Method of Moments Framework
Joaquim Ramalho
vol. 16, 2009, p. 489-494.

Kuznets Hypothesis and the Data Constraint
Argentino Pessoa
vol. 16, 2009, p. 813-818.

On the Return-Risk Link in Education
Corrado Andini
vol. 16, 2009, p. 307-314.

Ordered Response Models for Sovereign Debt Ratings
António Afonso, Pedro Gomes, Philipp Rother
vol. 16, 2009, p. 769-773.

Social or Human Infrastructure? Re-examining Essential Determinants of Output per Worker among Countries
Tiago Neves Sequeira, Margarida Rodrigues
vol. 16, 2009, p. 13-15.

Stock Market Returns and Terrorist Violence: Evidence from the Basque Country
Carlos Pestana Barros, Luis Gil Alana
vol. 16, 2009, p. 1575-1579.

Controlling the Public Wage Bill in Portugal: The Case of University Professors
Alfredo Marvão Pereira, Rui Manuel Pereira
vol. 15, 2008, p. 997-1000.

The Total Impact of Schooling on Within-Groups Wage Inequality in Portugal
Corrado Andini
vol. 15, 2008, p. 85-90.

On the Weighted Maximum Likelihood Estimator for Endogenous Stratified Samples When the Population Strata Probabilities Are Unknown
Esmeralda Arranhado, Joaquim Ramalho
vol. 14, 2007, p. 171-174.

Returns to Education and Wage Equations: A Dynamic Approach
Corrado Andini
vol. 14, 2007, p. 577-579.

Technical Efficiency in the English Football Association Premier League with a Stochastic Cost Frontier
Carlos Pestana Barros, Stephanie Leach
vol. 14, 2007, p. 731-741.

External Recruitments and Firm Performance
Pedro Silva Martins, Francisco Lima
vol. 13, 2006, p. 911-915.

How Is Confidence Related to Unemployment in Portugal?
António Caleiro
vol. 13, 2006, p. 887-890.

The Coase Problem: A Transformation of the Usual Utility Function
Paulo Maçãs Nunes
vol. 13, 2006, p. 427-429.

Low Pay, Higher Pay and Job Quality: Empirical Evidence for Portugal
José Cabral Vieira, António Gomes de Menezes, Patrícia Gabriel
vol. 12, 2005, p. 505-511.

"Amenity" or "Eyesore"? Negative Willingness to Pay for Options to Replace Electricity Transmission Towers
Giles Atkinson, Brett Day, Susana Mourato, Charles Palmer
vol. 11, 2004, p. 203-208.

Do Art Specialists Form Unbiased Pre-sale Estimates? An Application for Picasso Paintings
Corinna Czujack, Maria Fraga Martins
vol. 11, 2004, p. 245-249.

Market Equilibrium with FSS Search
Pedro Cosme Vieira
vol. 11, 2004, p. 323-324.

Public Highway Spending and State Spillovers in the USA
Alfredo Marvão Pereira, Jorge Andraz
vol. 11, 2004, p. 785-788.

Statistical Variability of Top Ranking Economics Journals Impact
Pedro Cosme Vieira
vol. 11, 2004, p. 945-948.

Convergence and Information Technologies--The Experience of Greece, Portugal and Spain
Pedro Pita Barros
vol. 9, 2002, p. 675-680.

Hypothetical, Real, and Predicted Real Willingness to Pay in Open-Ended Surveys: Experimental Results
Anabela Botelho, Lígia Pinto
vol. 9, 2002, p. 993-996.

Female Labour Supply over the Life-Cycle
Pedro Neves
vol. 5, 1998, p. 569-572.

A Reappraisal of Parity Reversion for UK Real Exchange Rates
Nuno Crato, Philip Rothman
vol. 1, 1994, p. 139-141.