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The motivation to make available the ranking of economic institutions and researchers is to contribute to greater transparency in our academic field of work. It also envisages to stimulate the quality of the Portuguese researchers' scientific production.

We are well aware that the scientific production published in international journals is only a partial portray of all research done in Economics. Ideally, the quality of research should be evaluated by its contribution to economic development.

The ranking of researchers and institutions we offer follows other similar international work and the results it produces are supported in hypotheses which are detailed in the specific rankings used. The informational potential and limitations of the ranking results are strictly related to those working hypotheses and should be interpreted accordingly.


We collect 6584 publications of portuguese authors and affiliated in Portuguese institutions in 652 journals indexed in Econlit.


This information is used to show the evolution of international scientific production in economics, and to produce rankings of authors and institutions.

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Rankings by institutions

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