European U Inst
Articles 17:

Survival of the Fittest: Tourism Exposure and Firm Survival
Filipe B. Caires, Hugo Reis, Paulo M. M. Rodrigues
Applied Economics, vol. 55, 2023, p. 7150-7177.

The Brazilian Economy during the Old Regime Crisis (1750-1807)
Angelo Alves Carrara, Maximiliano Mac Menz, Felipe Souza Melo, Rodrigo da Costa Dominguez
Revista De Historia Economica, vol. 41, 2023, p. 119-146.

Co-investment, Uncertainty, and Opportunism: Ex-ante and Ex-post Remedies
Marc Bourreau, Carlo Cambini, Steffen Hoernig, Ingo Vogelsang
Information Economics and Policy, vol. 56, 2021, p. .

An Equilibrium Model of the African HIV/AIDS Epidemic
Jeremy Greenwood, Philipp Kircher, Cezar Santos, Michele Tertilt
Econometrica, vol. 87, 2019, p. 1081-1113.

Cooperative Investment, Access, and Uncertainty
Marc Bourreau, Carlo Cambini, Steffen Hoernig
International Journal of Industrial Organization, vol. 56, 2018, p. 78-106.

Eliciting Survival Expectations of the Elderly in Low-Income Countries: Evidence from India
Adeline Delavande, Jinkook Lee , Seetha Menon
Demography, vol. 54, 2017, p. 673-699.

Fixed-Mobile Substitution and Termination Rates
Steffen Hoernig, Marc Bourreau, Carlo Cambini
Telecommunications Policy, vol. 39, 2015, p. 65-76.

Fixed-Mobile Integration
Steffen Hoernig, Marc Bourreau, Carlo Cambini
Journal of Regulatory Economics, vol. 45, 2014, p. 57-74.

Austerity measures in crisis countries - results and impact on mid-term development.
Vassilis Monastiriotis, Niamh Hardiman, Aidan Regan, Chiara Goretti, Lucio Landi, J. Ignacio Conde-Ruiz, Carmen Marín, Ricardo Cabral
Intereconomics/Review of European Economic Policy, vol. 48, 2013, p. 4-32.

Money Is an Experience Good: Competition and Trust in the Private Provision of Money
Ramon Marimon, Juan Pablo Nicolini, Pedro Teles
Journal of Monetary Economics, vol. 59, 2012, p. 815-825.

Economic Growth and Budgetary Components: A Panel Assessment for the EU
António Afonso, Juan Gonzalez Alegre
Empirical Economics, vol. 41, 2011, p. 703-723.

The Competitiveness Rationale, Sustainable Growth and the Need for Enhanced Economic Coordination
Annette Bongardt, Francisco Torres
Intereconomics/Review of European Economic Policy, vol. 45, 2010, p. 136-141.

Nominal Debt as a Burden on Monetary Policy
Javier Diaz Gimenez, Giorgia Giovannetti, Ramon Marimon, Pedro Teles
Review of Economic Dynamics, vol. 11, 2008, p. 493-514.

The Dynamic Behaviour of Budget Components and Output
António Afonso, Peter Claeys
Economic Modelling, vol. 25, 2008, p. 93-117.

Merger Remedies in the European Union: An Overview
Massimo Motta, Michele Polo, Helder Vasconcelos
Antitrust Bulletin, vol. 52, 2007, p. 603-631.

Efficiency Gains and Myopic Antitrust Authority in a Dynamic Merger Game
Massimo Motta, Helder Vasconcelos
International Journal of Industrial Organization, vol. 23, 2005, p. 777-801.

Can Conservatism Be Counterproductive? Delegation and Fiscal Policy in a Monetary Union
Alvaro Pina
Manchester School, vol. 67, 1999, p. 88-115.