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ABS (2010) 50.0 248/288
Australian RC (2010) 50.0 262/479
Axarloglou and Theoharakis (2003) 1.5 87/94
Carlos III (2010) 10.0 98/153
CNRS (2008) 20.0 335/336
Ideas discounted recursive impact factor (2012) 4.16 115/396
ISI, JCR SSE, Article Influence Score (2010) 4.28 215/316
ISI, JCR SSE, Impact Factor (2010) 9.61 241/388
Kalaitzidakis et al (2010) 0.94 90/196
Qualis (2008) 50.0 165/200
Schneider and Ursprung (2008) 20.0 273/278
Source Normalized Impact per Paper (SNIP) (2011) 10.44 243/476
Article Influence Score (2021) 0.56 287/409
Article Influence Score (2019) 0.39 312/428
Impact Factor (2021) 2.65 176/409
Impact Factor (2019) 1.31 262/440
Impact Factor (5 year) (2021) 2.38 222/409
Impact Factor (5 year) (2019) 1.3 290/428
SJR - Scimago (2021) 0.54 350/558
SJR - Scimago (2019) 0.59 312/549
Count (2021) 1.0 360/662
Articles 70:

Business Cycle Clocks: Time to Get Circular
Nuno Lourenço, António Rua
vol. 65, 2023, p. 1513-1541.

Interest rate gaps in an uncertain global context: why "too" low (high) for "so" long?
Luca Agnello, Vitor Castro, Ricardo Sousa
vol. 64, 2023, p. 539-565.

Interest Rate Gaps in an Uncertain Global Context: Why 'Too' Low (High) for 'So' Long?
Luca Agnello, Vitor Castro, Ricardo Sousa
vol. 64, 2023, p. 539-565.

Penalized Leads-And-Lags Cointegrating Regression: A Simulation Study and Two Empirical Applications
David Neto
vol. 65, 2023, p. 949-971.

The Duration of Acceleration Cycle Downturns: Duration Dependence, International Dynamics and Synchronisation
George Koutsoumanis, Vitor Castro
vol. 64, 2023, p. 1667-1698.

The role of mothers on female labour force participation: an approach using historical parish records
Jesús M. Carro, Matilde Machado, Ricardo Mora
vol. 65, 2023, p. 1345-1384.

Changes in Inflation Compensation and Oil Prices: Short-Term and Long-Term Dynamics
Ines da Cunha Cabral, Pedro Pires Ribeiro
vol. 62, 2022, p. 581-603.

Economic applications of quantile regression 2.0.
Bernd Fitzenberger, Roger Koenker, José Machado, Blaise Melly
vol. 62, 2022, p. 1-6.

External Financial Dependence and Firms' Crisis Performance across Europe
Peter S. Eppinger, Katja Neugebauer
vol. 62, 2022, p. 887-904.

Tests for Segmented Cointegration: An Application to US Governments Budgets
Luís Filipe Martins, Paulo M. M. Rodrigues
vol. 63, 2022, p. 567-600.

Dynamic Cross-Correlation and Dynamic Contagion of Stock Markets: A Sliding Windows Approach with the DCCA Correlation Coefficient
Oussama Tilfani, Paulo Ferreira, My Youssef El Boukfaoui
vol. 60, 2021, p. 1127-1156.

Modelling Currency Demand: The Case of the Euro
António Rua
vol. 61, 2021, p. 1865-1881.

A Time-Frequency Analysis of the Canadian Macroeconomy and the Yield Curve
Mustapha Olalekan Ojo, Luís Francisco Aguiar-Conraria, Maria Joana Soares
vol. 58, 2020, p. 2333-2351.

Dynamic Long-Range Dependences in the Swiss Stock Market
Paulo Ferreira
vol. 58, 2020, p. 1541-1573.

Economic Volatility and Sovereign Yields' Determinants: A Time-Varying Approach
António Afonso, Joao Tovar Jalles
vol. 58, 2020, p. 427-451.

I Feel Wealthy: A Major Determinant of Portuguese Households' Indebtedness?
Francisco Camões, Sofia Vale
vol. 58, 2020, p. 1953-1978.

Price-cost margin and bargaining power in the European Union
Ana Cristina Soares
vol. 59, 2020, p. 2093-2123.

Market Integration and the Persistence of Electricity Prices
João Pedro Pereira, Vasco Pesquita, Paulo M. M. Rodrigues, António Rua
vol. 57, 2019, p. 1495-1514.

Technology in 1500 and Genetic Diversity
Tiago Neves Sequeira, Marcelo Santos
vol. 56, 2019, p. 1145-1165.

The Interdependence between the Saving Rate and Technology across Regimes: Evidence from South Africa
Kevin Nell, Maria Margarida Mello
vol. 56, 2019, p. 269-300.

Fiscal Developments and Financial Stress: A Threshold VAR Analysis
António Afonso, Jaromir Baxa, Michal Slavik
vol. 54, 2018, p. 395-423.

How Do Zero-Coupon Inflation Swaps Predict Inflation Rates in the Euro Area? Evidence of Efficiency and Accuracy on 1-Year Contracts
Pedro Pires, José Dias Curto
vol. 54, 2018, p. 1451-1475.

Persistence of Travel and Leisure Sector Equity Indices
Jorge Andraz, Raul F. C. Guerreiro, Paulo M. M. Rodrigues
vol. 54, 2018, p. 1801-1825.

Strategic Decisions on Bilateral Bidding Behavior: Evidence from a Wholesale Electricity Market
Vítor Moutinho, António C. Moreira, João Paulo Cerdeira Bento
vol. 54, 2018, p. 1353-1387.

Hurdle Models of Repayment Behaviour in Personal Loan Contracts
José Murteira, Mário Gomes Augusto
vol. 53, 2017, p. 641-667.

Markups and Bargaining Power in Tradable and Non-tradable Sectors
João Amador, Ana Cristina Soares
vol. 53, 2017, p. 669-694.

Oil Price Effects over Individual Portuguese Stock Returns
Rui F. Teixeira, Mara Madaleno, Elisabete Vieira
vol. 53, 2017, p. 891-926.

Exchange Rate Persistence of the Chinese Yuan against the US Dollar in the NDF Market
Carlos Pestana Barros, Luis Gil Alana, Zhongfei Chen
vol. 51, 2016, p. 1399-1414.

Measurement and Determinants of Health Poverty and Richness: Evidence from Portugal
Nádia Simões, Nuno Crespo, Sandrina Moreira, Celeste Amorim
vol. 50, 2016, p. 1331-1358.

A Replication Note on Downward Nominal and Real Wage Rigidity: Survey Evidence from European Firms
Daniel Dias, Carlos Robalo Marques, Fernando Martins
vol. 49, 2015, p. 1143-1152.

Is There a Role for Domestic Demand Pressure on Export Performance?
Paulo Soares Esteves, António Rua
vol. 49, 2015, p. 1173-1189.

Semi-mixed Effects Gravity Models for Bilateral Trade
Isabel Proença, Stefan Sperlich, Meryem Duygun
vol. 48, 2015, p. 361-387.

Testing for and Dating Structural Break in Smooth Time-Varying Cointegration Parameters, with an Application to Retail Gasoline Price and Crude Oil Price Long-Run Relationship
David Neto
vol. 49, 2015, p. 909-928.

The Portuguese Business Cycle: Chronology and Duration Dependence
Vitor Castro
vol. 49, 2015, p. 325-342.

Counterfactual Analysis of Bank Mergers
Pedro Pita Barros, Diana Bonfim, Moshe Kim, Nuno Martins
vol. 46, 2014, p. 361-391.

Is the Value of Environmental Goods Sensitive to the Public Funding Scheme? Evidence from a Marine Restoration Programme in the Black Sea
Kyriaki Remoundou, Fikret Adaman, Phoebe Koundouri, Paulo A. L. D. Nunes
vol. 47, 2014, p. 1173-1192.

Regional Inflation Dynamics Using Space-Time Models
Helena Marques, Gabriel Pino, Juan de Dios Tena Horrillo
vol. 47, 2014, p. 1147-1172.

Functional Form Issues in the Regression Analysis of Financial Leverage Ratios
Joaquim Ramalho, Jacinto Vidigal da Silva
vol. 44, 2013, p. 799-831.

How Well Does a Dynamic Mincer Equation Fit NLSY Data? Evidence Based on a Simple Wage-Bargaining Model
Corrado Andini
vol. 44, 2013, p. 1519-1543.

Risk Attitude and Wage Growth: Replicating Shaw (1996)
Santiago Budría, Luis Diaz Serrano, Ada Ferrer-i-Carbonell, Joop Hartog
vol. 44, 2013, p. 981-1004.

The Duration of Business Cycle Expansions and Contractions: Are There Change-Points in Duration Dependence?
Vitor Castro
vol. 44, 2013, p. 511-544.

The Dynamic Effects of Shocks to Wages and Prices in the United States and the Euro Area
Carlos Robalo Marques, Rita Duarte
vol. 44, 2013, p. 613-638.

Digging Out the PPP Hypothesis: An Integrated Empirical Coverage
Miguel de Carvalho, Paulo Júlio
vol. 42, 2012, p. 713-744.

Investment in Emerging Market Economies
Tuomas A. Peltonen, Ricardo Sousa, Isabel S. Vansteenkiste
vol. 43, 2012, p. 97-119.

On the Uncertainty and Risks of Macroeconomic Forecasts: Combining Judgements with Sample and Model Information
Maximiano Pinheiro, Paulo Soares Esteves
vol. 42, 2012, p. 639-665.

Quality of Schooling and Inequality of Opportunity in Health
Andrew M. Jones, Nigel Rice, Pedro Rosa Dias
vol. 42, 2012, p. 369-394.

Assessing Fiscal Sustainability Subject to Policy Changes: A Markov Switching Cointegration Approach
Vasco Gabriel, Pataaree Sangduan
vol. 41, 2011, p. 665-684.

Cointegration Tests under Multiple Regime Shifts: An Application to the Stock Price-Dividend Relationship
Vasco Gabriel, Luis Martins
vol. 41, 2011, p. 639-662.

Economic Growth and Budgetary Components: A Panel Assessment for the EU
António Afonso, Juan Gonzalez Alegre
vol. 41, 2011, p. 703-723.

Health Care Utilization and Self-Assessed Health: Specification of Bivariate Models Using Copulas
José Murteira, Óscar Lourenço
vol. 41, 2011, p. 447-472.

Oil and the Macroeconomy: Using Wavelets to Analyze Old Issues
Luís Francisco Aguiar-Conraria, Maria Joana Soares
vol. 40, 2011, p. 645-655.

R&D and Productivity: Testing Sectoral Peculiarities Using Micro Data
Raquel Ortega-Argilés, Lesley Potters, Marco Vivarelli
vol. 41, 2011, p. 817-839.

Inflation (Mis)perceptions in the Euro Area
Francisco C. Dias, Claudia Duarte, António Rua
vol. 39, 2010, p. 353-369.

Regulatory Reform and Labour Earnings in Portuguese Banking
Natália Monteiro
vol. 36, 2009, p. 557-574.

Education Public Financing and Economic Growth: An Endogenous Growth Model versus Evidence
Tiago Neves Sequeira, Elsa Vilar Martins
vol. 35, 2008, p. 361-377.

Human Capital Composition, Growth and Development: An R&D Growth Model versus Data
Tiago Neves Sequeira
vol. 32, 2007, p. 41-65.

Deterministic Seasonality in Dickey-Fuller Tests: Should We Care?
Artur Silva Lopes
vol. 31, 2006, p. 165-182.

The Impact of Unemployment Insurance on the Job Match Quality: A Quantile Regression Approach
Mário Centeno, Alvaro Novo
vol. 31, 2006, p. 905-919.

Feasible Bias-Corrected OLS, Within-Groups, and First-Differences Estimators for Typical Micro and Macro AR(1) Panel Data Models
Joaquim Ramalho
vol. 30, 2005, p. 735-748.

Institutions and Economic Development: How Strong Is the Relation?
Tiago Cavalcanti, Alvaro Novo
vol. 30, 2005, p. 263-276.

Testing the Significance and the Non-linearity of the Phillips Trade-Off in the Euro Area
Álvaro Aguiar, Manuel M. F. Martins
vol. 30, 2005, p. 665-691.

The Forecasting Ability of a Cointegrated VAR System of the UK Tourism Demand for France, Spain and Portugal
Maria Margarida Mello, Kevin Nell
vol. 30, 2005, p. 277-308.

Risk Compensation in Wages--A Replication
Joop Hartog, Erik Plug, Luis Diaz Serrano, José Cabral Vieira
vol. 28, 2003, p. 639-647.

The Order of Integration for Quarterly Macroeconomic Time Series: A Simple Testing Strategy
Artur Silva Lopes
vol. 28, 2003, p. 783-794.

Changing Rewards in Contests: Has the Three-Point Rule Brought More Offense to Soccer?
José Guedes, Fernando Machado
vol. 27, 2002, p. 607-630.

Earning Functions in Portugal 1982-1994: Evidence from Quantile Regressions
José Machado, José Mata
vol. 26, 2001, p. 115-134.

Convergence across Industrialised Countries (1890-1989): New Results Using Time Series Methods
Miguel St Aubyn
vol. 24, 1999, p. 23-44.

Spurious Deterministic Seasonality and Autocorrelation Corrections with Quarterly Data: Further Monte Carlo Results
Artur Silva Lopes
vol. 24, 1999, p. 341-359.

New Tests for Stationarity and Parity Reversion: Evidence on New Zealand Real Exchange Rates
Wu Ping, Nuno Crato
vol. 20, 1995, p. 599-613.

Portuguese Emigration 1958-1985: Some Empirical Evidence
Pedro Telhado Pereira
vol. 19, 1994, p. 647-657.