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Articles 20:

The Long-Run Effects of Risk: An Equilibrium Approach
Christiaan van der Kwaak, Joao Madeira, Nuno Pedro Palma
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Dynamic Capabilities for Hire--How Former Host-Country Entrepreneurs as MNC Subsidiary Managers Affect Performance
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Susana C. Santos, Sílvia Costa, Michael H. Morris
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Collateral Damaged? Priority Structure, Credit Supply, and Firm Performance
Geraldo Cerqueiro, Steven Ongena, Kasper Roszbach
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The Multi-period Vehicle Routing Problem with Refueling Decisions: Traveling Further to Decrease Fuel Cost?
Fabio Neves-Moreira, Mario Amorim Lopes, Pedro Amorim
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Ties That Matter: The Impact of Alliance Partner Knowledge Recombination Novelty on Knowledge Utilization in R&D Alliances
Holmer Kok, Dries Faems, Pedro Faria
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Human Capital and Innovation: The Importance of the Optimal Organizational Task Structure
Tiago Fonseca, Pedro Faria, Francisco Lima
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Reconstruction of money supply over the long-run: the case of England, 1270-1870
Nuno Pedro Palma
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Who's Who in Global Value Chains? A Weighted Network Approach
João Amador, Rossana Mastrandrea, Franco Ruzzenenti, Sónia Cabral
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Collateralization, Bank Loan Rates, and Monitoring
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Multinationals and Cash Holdings
Nuno Fernandes, Halit Gonenc
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Counterfactual Analysis of Bank Mergers
Pedro Pita Barros, Diana Bonfim, Moshe Kim, Nuno Martins
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MNC Subsidiary Closures: What Is the Value of Employees` Human Capital in New Jobs?
Wolfgang Sofka, Miguel Torres Preto, Pedro Faria
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Public Infrastructure Investment, Output Dynamics, and Balanced Budget Fiscal Rules
Pedro Bom, Jenny Ligthart
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What Have We Learned from Three Decades of Research on the Productivity of Public Capital?
Pedro Bom, Jenny Ligthart
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Interdependence and Spillovers: Is Firm Performance Affected by Others` Innovation Activities
Pedro Faria, Francisco Lima
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Pedro Faria, Francisco Lima, Rui Santos
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Measurement Error in Education and Growth Regressions
Miguel Portela, Rob Alessie, Coen Teulings
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