Transportation Research: Part E: Logistics And Transportation Review web
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CEF.UP+NIPE (average of all rankings) (2012) 19.35 241/501
ABS (2010) 75.0 133/288
Australian RC (2010) 50.0 350/479
Ideas discounted recursive impact factor (2012) 0.14 363/396
ISI, JCR SSE, Article Influence Score (2010) 7.3 136/316
ISI, JCR SSE, Impact Factor (2010) 26.29 56/388
Source Normalized Impact per Paper (SNIP) (2011) 27.82 34/476
Article Influence Score (2021) 1.67 101/409
Article Influence Score (2019) 1.19 127/428
Impact Factor (2021) 10.05 11/409
Impact Factor (2019) 4.69 26/440
Impact Factor (5 year) (2021) 9.33 21/409
Impact Factor (5 year) (2019) 5.33 42/428
SJR - Scimago (2021) 2.84 52/558
SJR - Scimago (2019) 2.3 80/549
Count (2021) 1.0 173/659
Artigos 27:

2-Echelon Lastmile Delivery with Lockers and Occasional Couriers
Andre Gustavo dos Santos, Ana Viana, Joao Pedro Pedroso
vol. 162, 2022, p. .

A Combined Forecasting and Packing Model for Air Cargo Loading: A Risk-Averse Framework
Iordanis Tseremoglou, Alessandro Bombelli, Bruno F. Santos
vol. 158, 2022, p. .

Facility Location in Logistics and Transportation: An Enduring Relationship
Francisco Saldanha-da-Gama
vol. 166, 2022, p. .

First-Mile Logistics Parcel Pickup: Vehicle Routing with Packing Constraints under Disruption
Ivan Gimenez-Palacios, Francisco Parreno, Ramon Alvarez-Valdes, Celia Paquay, Beatriz Brito Oliveira, Maria Antónia Carravilla
vol. 164, 2022, p. .

The Multi-product Inventory-Routing Problem with Pickups and Deliveries: Mitigating Fluctuating Demand via Rolling Horizon Heuristics
Fabio Neves-Moreira, Bernardo Almada-Lobo, Luis Guimarães, Pedro Amorim
vol. 164, 2022, p. .

Carsharing: A Review of Academic Literature and Business Practices toward an Integrated Decision-Support Framework
Masoud Golalikhani, Beatriz Brito Oliveira, Maria Antónia Carravilla, José Fernando Oliveira, António Pais Antunes
vol. 149, 2021, p. .

Cold Chain Management in Hierarchical Operational Hub Networks
Yalda Esmizadeh , Mahdi Bashiri, Hamed Jahani, Bernardo Almada-Lobo
vol. 147, 2021, p. .

Analysis of the Air Cargo Transport Network Using a Complex Network Theory Perspective
Alessandro Bombelli, Bruno F. Santos, Lorant Tavasszy
vol. 138, 2020, p. .

A Robust Optimization Approach for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Selective Backhauls
Maria Joao Santos, Eduardo Curcio, Mauro Henrique Mulati, Pedro Amorim, Flavio Keidi Miyazawa
vol. 136, 2020, p. .

Descriptive Modeling of Freight Tour Formation: A Shipment-Based Approach
Sebastiaan Thoen, Lorant Tavasszy, Michiel de Bok, Gonçalo Correia, Ron van Duin
vol. 140, 2020, p. .

Efficient Loading and Unloading Operations via a Booking System
Andrea Mor, M. Grazia Speranza, José Manuel Viegas
vol. 141, 2020, p. .

The Facility Location Problem with Capacity Transfers
Angel Corberan, Mercedes Landete, Juanjo Peiro, Francisco Saldanha-da-Gama
vol. 138, 2020, p. .

The Multi-period Vehicle Routing Problem with Refueling Decisions: Traveling Further to Decrease Fuel Cost?
Fabio Neves-Moreira, Mario Amorim Lopes, Pedro Amorim
vol. 133, 2020, p. .

Explanatory Variables Driving the Technical Efficiency of European Seaports: An Order-Alpha Approach Dealing with Imperfect Knowledge
Diogo Ferreira, Rui Cunha Marques, Maria Isabel Pedro
vol. 119, 2018, p. 41-62.

The Time Window Assignment Vehicle Routing Problem with Product Dependent Deliveries
Fabio Neves-Moreira, Diogo Pereira da Silva, Luís Santos Guimarães, Pedro Amorim, Bernardo Almada-Lobo
vol. 116, 2018, p. 163-183.

On the Multi-dimensionality and Sampling of Air Transport Networks
Seddik Belkoura, Andrew Cook, Jose Maria Pena, Massimiliano Zanin
vol. 94, 2016, p. 95-109.

Optimizing Station Location and Fleet Composition for a High-Speed Rail Line
Hugo M. Repolho, Richard L. Church, António Pais Antunes
vol. 93, 2016, p. 437-452.

Optimizing the Service Area and Trip Selection of an Electric Automated Taxi System Used for the Last Mile of Train Trips
Xiao Liang , Gonçalo Homem de Almeida Correia, Bart van Arem
vol. 93, 2016, p. 115-129.

A MIP Model for Locating Slow-Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles in Urban Areas Accounting for Driver Tours
Joana Cavadas, Gonçalo Homem de Almeida Correia, João Gouveia
vol. 75, 2015, p. 188-201.

Long-Term Evolution of Airport Networks: Optimization Model and Its Application to the United States
Miguel Gueifão dos Santos, António Pais Antunes
vol. 73, 2015, p. 17-46.

Economic and Environmental Concerns in Planning Recyclable Waste Collection Systems
Tânia Pereira Ramos, Maria Isabel Gomes, Ana Barbosa-Povoa
vol. 62, 2014, p. 34-54.

Vertical Collusion between Airports and Airlines: An Empirical Test for the European Case
Cristina Barbot, Tiziana D`Alfonso, Paolo Malighetti, Renato Redondi
vol. 57, 2013, p. 3-15.

Performance Assessment of UK Airports: Evidence from a Bayesian Dynamic Frontier Model
David Gillen, Carlos Pestana Barros, A. George Assaf
vol. 48, 2012, p. 603-615.

Optimization Approach to Depot Location and Trip Selection in One-Way Carsharing Systems
Gonçalo Correia, António Antunes
vol. 48, 2011, p. 233-247.

The Influence of Green Practices on Supply Chain Performance: A Case Study Approach
Susana G. Azevedo, Helena Carvalho, V. Cruz Machado
vol. 47, 2011, p. 850-871.

Productivity Growth and Biased Technological Change in UK Airports
Carlos Pestana Barros, William L. Weber
vol. 45, 2009, p. 642-653.

Can Low Cost Carriers Deter or Accommodate Entry?
Cristina Barbot
vol. 44, 2008, p. 883-893.