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Article Influence Score (2019) 0.84 185/428
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Articles 29:

The Trade-off between Health System Resiliency and Efficiency: Evidence from COVID-19 in European Regions
Alvaro Almeida
vol. 25, 2024, p. 31-47.

Does a Working Day Keep the Doctor Away? A Critical Review of the Impact of Unemployment and Job Insecurity on Health and Social Care Utilisation
Keyi Li, Paula Lorgelly, Sarah Jasim, Tiyi Morris, Manuel Gomes
vol. 24, 2023, p. 179-186.

EQ-5D-5L Portuguese Population Norms
Pedro Lopes Ferreira, Luis Nobre Pereira, Patricia Antunes, Lara N Ferreira
vol. 24, 2023, p. 1411-1420.

HIT-6 and EQ-5D-5L in Patients with Migraine: Assessment of Common Latent Constructs and Development of a Mapping Algorithm
Ana Sofia Oliveira Goncalves, Dimitra Panteli, Lars Neeb, Tobias Kurth, Annette Aigner
vol. 23, 2022, p. 47-57.

Pharmaceutical Pricing Dynamics in an Internal Reference Pricing System: Evidence from Changing Drugs' Reimbursements
Eduardo Costa, Carolina Santos
vol. 23, 2022, p. 1497-1518.

Survival Analysis of Cancer Patients in Portugal following the Reference Centre Model Implementation
Manuel Melo Mateus, Margarida Catalão Lopes, Rui Portugal
vol. , 2022, p. .

The Impact of Cancellations in Waiting Times Analysis: Evidence from Scheduled Surgeries in the Portuguese NHS
Joana Cima, Alvaro Almeida
vol. 23, 2022, p. 95-104.

Does Waiting Time Decrease or Increase Operational Costs in Short and Long-Term? Evidence from Portuguese Public Hospitals
André Madeira, Victor Moutinho, Jose A. Fuinhas
vol. 22, 2021, p. 1195-1216.

Does waiting times decrease or increase operational costs in short and long-term? Evidence from Portuguese public hospitals.
André Madeira, Victor Moutinho, Jose A. Fuinhas
vol. 22, 2021, p. 1195-1216.

Multi-layer Health Insurance Coverage, Medical Services Use and Health in a Universal National Health System, the Case of Portugal
Aida Isabel Tavares, Ines Marques
vol. 22, 2021, p. 141-153.

Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products: Value Judgement and Ethical Evaluation in Health Technology Assessment
Elisabete Goncalves
vol. 21, 2020, p. 311-320.

Multi-criteria Decision Analysis for Health Technology Assessment: Addressing Methodological Challenges to Improve the State of the Art
Monica Duarte Oliveira, Ines Mataloto, Panos Kanavos
vol. 20, 2019, p. 891-918.

Junior Doctors' Medical Specialty and Practice Location Choice: Simulating Policies to Overcome Regional Inequalities
Pedro Ramos, Hélio Alves, Paulo Guimarães, Maria A. Ferreira
vol. 18, 2017, p. 1013-1030.

The Place of DPP-4 Inhibitors in the Treatment Algorithm of Diabetes Type 2: A Systematic Review of Cost-Effectiveness Studies
Alexandre Baptista, Inês Teixeira, Sonia Romano, Antonio Vaz Carneiro, Julian Perelman
vol. 18, 2017, p. 937-965.

The Economic Impact of Chronic Pain: A Nationwide Population-Based Cost-of-Illness Study in Portugal
Luis Filipe Azevedo, Altamiro Costa-Pereira, Liliane Mendonca, Claudia Camila Dias, José M. Castro-Lopes
vol. 17, 2016, p. 87-98.

Demand Uncertainty and Hospital Costs: An Application to Portuguese Public Hospitals
Alvaro Almeida, Joana Ferreira Cima
vol. 16, 2015, p. 35-45.

Did the Corporatization of Portuguese Hospitals Significantly Change Their Productivity?
Diogo Ferreira, Rui Cunha Marques
vol. 16, 2015, p. 289-303.

SF-6D Portuguese Population Norms
Pedro Augusto Ferreira, Lara N Ferreira, Luis Nobre Pereira
vol. 16, 2015, p. 235-241.

Cost-Effectiveness of Lung Transplantation and Its Evolution: The Portuguese Case
Luís Mendonça, Julian Perelman, Vanessa Rodrigues, José Fragata
vol. 15, 2014, p. 767-772.

Cost Effects of Hospital Mergers in Portugal
Helda Azevedo, Céu Mateus
vol. 15, 2014, p. 999-1010.

Does Health Promote Economic Growth? Portuguese Case Study: From Dictatorship to Full Democracy
Sónia Maria Aniceto Morgado
vol. 15, 2014, p. 591-598.

Analysis of HIV/AIDS DRG in Portugal: A Hierarchical Finite Mixture Model
Sara Simões Dias, Valeska Andreozzi, Rosário O. Martins
vol. 14, 2013, p. 715-723.

Patients` Access to Biologics in Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Comparison between Portugal and Other European Countries
Pedro A. Laires, F. Exposto, Rui Mesquita, Ana P. Martins, Luís Cunha-Miranda, João Eurico Fonseca
vol. 14, 2013, p. 875-885.

Colorectal Cancer in Portugal
Carlos Gouveia Pinto, Ana Teresa Paquete, Irene Pissarra
vol. 10, 2010, p. 65-73.

Geographic Distribution of Physicians in Portugal
Isabel Correia, Paula Veiga
vol. 11, 2010, p. 383-393.

The Challenge of Corporatisation: The Experience of Portuguese Public Hospitals
Guilhermina Rego, Rui Nunes, José Costa
vol. 11, 2010, p. 367-381.

Contractual Design and PPPs for Hospitals: Lessons for the Portuguese Model
Pedro Pita Barros, Xavier Martinez-Giralt
vol. 10, 2009, p. 437-453.

Substance Abuse Treatment, What Do We Know? An Economist´s Perspective
Matilde Machado
vol. 6, 2005, p. 53-64.

Pricing and Reimbursement of Pharmaceuticals in Portugal
Carlos Gouveia Pinto, Inês Teixeira
vol. 3, 2002, p. 267-270.