Teresa Silva Lopes
Ph D: U Reading, Economics, 2002
Master: UCP, Business, 1997
Bachelor: UCP, Economics, 1990
Articles 14:
Ranking: CEF.UP+NIPE (average of all rankings) (2012).

Trademarks as 'Global Merchants of Skill': The Dynamics of the Japanese Match Industry, 1860s-1930s 10.4
Teresa Silva Lopes, Shin Tomita
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Foreign Investment in Portugal and Knowledge Spillovers: From the Methuen Treaty to the 21st Century 11.59
Teresa Silva Lopes, VĂ­tor Corado Simoes
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The Changing and Flexible Nature of Imitation and Adulteration: The Case of the Global Wine Industry, 1850-1914 6.93
Teresa Silva Lopes, Andrea Lluch, Gaspar Manuel Martins Pereira
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Teresa Silva Lopes, Mark Casson, Geoffrey Jones
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'The Nature of the Firm'--And the Eternal Life of the Brand 16.44
Teresa Silva Lopes
Enterprise And Society, vol. 20, 2019, p. 752-776.

The 'Disguised' Foreign Investor: Brands, Trademarks and the British Expatriate Entrepreneur in Brazil 5.8
Teresa Silva Lopes, Carlos Gabriel Guimaraes, Alexandre Saes, Luiz Fernando Saraiva
Business History, vol. 60, 2018, p. 1169-1193.

Building Brand Reputation through Third-Party Endorsement: Fair Trade in British Chocolate 20.79
Teresa Silva Lopes
Business History Review, vol. 90, 2016, p. 457-482.

Trademarks and British Dominance in Consumer Goods, 1876-1914 16.01
Teresa Silva Lopes, Paulo GuimarĂ£es
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Teresa Silva Lopes, Mark Casson
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Teresa Silva Lopes, Mark Casson
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Teresa Silva Lopes
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Teresa Silva Lopes
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