International Review Of Financial Analysis
Pontos Posição
CEF.UP+NIPE (average of all rankings) (2012) 15.24 302/501
ABS (2010) 75.0 138/288
Australian RC (2010) 50.0 282/479
Ideas discounted recursive impact factor (2012) 0.67 274/396
Source Normalized Impact per Paper (SNIP) (2011) 12.05 195/476
Article Influence Score (2019) 0.53 266/428
Impact Factor (2019) 2.5 110/440
Impact Factor (5 year) (2019) 2.76 129/428
SJR - Scimago (2019) 0.87 230/549
Count (2021) 1.0 240/651
Artigos 19:

Linkages between DeFi Assets and Conventional Currencies: Evidence from the COVID-19 Pandemic
Imran Yousaf, Ramzi Nekhili, Mariya Gubareva
vol. 81, 2022, p. .

Powerful Bidders and Value Creation in M&As
Tanveer Hussain, Abongeh A. Tunyi, Muhammad Sufyan, Yasir Shahab
vol. 81, 2022, p. .

Pre-deal Differences in Corporate Social Responsibility and Acquisition Performance
Tanveer Hussain, Syed Shams
vol. 81, 2022, p. .

Do Machines Beat Humans? Evidence from Mutual Fund Performance Persistence
António F. Miguel, Yihao Chen
vol. 78, 2021, p. .

Hunting the Quicksilver: Using Textual News and Causality Analysis to Predict Market Volatility
Ameet Kumar Banerjee, Andreia Dionísio, H. K. Pradhan, Biplab Mahapatra
vol. 77, 2021, p. .

Media Sentiment and Short Stocks Performance during a Systemic Crisis
Zaghum Umar, Oluwasegun Babatunde Adekoya, Johnson Ayobami Oliyide, Mariya Gubareva
vol. 78, 2021, p. .

Leverage and Valuation Effects: How Global Liquidity Shapes Sectoral Balance Sheets
Daniel Carvalho
vol. 72, 2020, p. .

Financial Markets of the LAC Region: Does the Crisis Influence the Financial Integration?
Rui Dias, Jacinto Vidigal da Silva, Andreia Dionísio
vol. 63, 2019, p. 160-173.

Cash Holdings and Earnings Quality: Evidence from the Main and Alternative UK Markets
Jorge Farinha, Cesário Mateus, Nuno Soares
vol. 56, 2018, p. 238-252.

The Impact of Festivities on Gold Price Expectation and Volatility
Harald Schmidbauer, Angi Rosch
vol. 58, 2018, p. 117-131.

Intraday Herding on a Cross-Border Exchange
Panagiotis Andrikopoulos, Vasileios Kallinterakis, Mário Pedro Leite Ferreira, Thanos Verousis
vol. 53, 2017, p. 25-36.

Banking Industry Performance in the Wake of the Global Financial Crisis
Diptes C. Bhimjee, Sofia Ramos, José Gonçalves Dias
vol. 48, 2016, p. 376-387.

'Cleantech' Venture Capital around the World
Douglas Cumming, Irene Henriques, Perry Sadorsky
vol. 44, 2016, p. 86-97.

Performance of European Socially Responsible Funds during Market Crises: Evidence from France
Paulo Leite, Maria Céu Cortez
vol. 40, 2015, p. 132-141.

Financial Liberalization and Contagion with Unobservable Savings
Ettore Panetti
vol. 36, 2014, p. 20-35.

Synergy Disclosures in Mergers and Acquisitions
Marie Dutordoir, Peter Roosenboom, Manuel Vasconcelos
vol. 31, 2014, p. 88-100.

The Impact of the 2008 and 2010 Financial Crises on the Hurst Exponents of International Stock Markets: Implications for Efficiency and Contagion
Paulo Horta, Sérgio Lagoa, Luis Martins
vol. 35, 2014, p. 140-153.

The Random Parameters Stochastic Frontier Cost Function and the Effectiveness of Public Policy: Evidence from Bank Restructuring in Mexico
Carlos Pestana Barros, Jonhathan Williams
vol. 30, 2013, p. 98-108.

The Real Effects of Financial Stress in the Eurozone
Sushanta Mallick, Ricardo Sousa
vol. 30, 2013, p. 1-17.