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Articles 19:

Growth and Welfare Effects of Corruption Penalties 5.58
Óscar Afonso, Ana Maria Bandeira, Pedro G. Lima
Economic Systems, vol. 46, 2022, p. .

A Relational Approach to the Creation and Deterioration of Intellectual Capital in Meta-organization: The Case of a Seaport 1.82
Jose Vale, Manuel Castelo Branco, Joao Ribeiro
International Journal Of Transport Economics, vol. 45, 2018, p. 123-147.

Labour-Market Institutions, (Un)employment, Wages, and Growth: Theory and Data 8.64
Óscar Afonso, Ana Maria Bandeira, Manuela F. Magalhães
Applied Economics, vol. 50, 2018, p. 613-633.

Optimal Discretionary Monetary and Fiscal Policies in a Country-Size Heterogeneous Monetary Union 13.08
Paulo Vieira, Celsa Machado, Ana Paula Ribeiro
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, vol. 93, 2018, p. 154-174.

Should the ECB Coordinate EMU Fiscal Policies? 3.67
Tatiana Kirsanova, Celsa Machado, Ana Paula Ribeiro
International Journal Of Central Banking, vol. 14, 2018, p. 237-280.

Accruals Quality, Managers' Incentives and Stock Market Reaction: Evidence from Europe 12.96
António Cerqueira, Cláudia Pereira
Applied Economics, vol. 49, 2017, p. 1606-1626.

Effect of the Tax System on R&D Intensity, Growth, Wages and Consumption Share 2.16
Óscar Afonso, Ana Maria Bandeira, Manuela F. Magalhães
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Accounting Accruals and Information Asymmetry in Europe 1.93
António Cerqueira, Cláudia Pereira
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European Union Emissions Trading Scheme Impact on the Spanish Electricity Price during Phase II and Phase III Implementation 7.28
Carlos J. Pereira Freitas, Patrícia Pereira da Silva
Utilities Policy, vol. 33, 2015, p. 54-62.

`It`s Not a Bairro, Is It?`: Subsistence Sociability and Focused Avoidance in a Public Housing Estate 18.37
Virgilio Borges Pereira, João Queirós
Environment And Planning A, vol. 46, 2014, p. 1297-1316.

Quality of Life Predictors and Normative Data 2.75
Brígida Patrício, Luís M. T. Jesus, Madeline Cruice, Andreia Hall
Social Indicators Research, vol. 119, 2014, p. 1557-1770.

Differences of Absorptive Capacity between Firms within a Cluster 1.12
Vasco Eiriz, Natália Barbosa, Vanda Lima
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Effects of International Diffusion of a General Purpose Technology on Wage Inequality 5.12
Óscar Afonso, Ana Maria Bandeira
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Culture, Politics and Identity: Critical Readings on Gender in Southeast Asia 3.62
Clara Sarmento
Indian Journal Of Gender Studies, vol. 19, 2012, p. 437-467.

Learning-by-Exporting: What We Know and What We Would Like to Know 3.47
Óscar Afonso, Armando Silva, Ana Paula Africano
International Trade Journal, vol. 26, 2012, p. 255-288.

Maintenance and Destruction of R&D Leadership 11.44
Óscar Afonso, Ana Maria Bandeira
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Non-scale Endogenous Growth Effects of Subsidies for Exporters 13.19
Óscar Afonso, Armando Silva
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Which Manufacturing Firms Learn by Exporting? 5.42
Armando Silva, Óscar Afonso, Ana Paula Africano
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Déterminantes structurels de l´investissement direct étranger : le cas du Portugal 6.36
José de Freitas Santos, José Cadima Ribeiro
Revue D Economie Regionale Et Urbaine, vol. 0, 1992, p. 601-618.