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CEF.UP+NIPE (average of all rankings) (2012) 7.1 441/501
ABS (2010) 25.0 281/288
Australian RC (2010) 25.0 463/479
Ideas discounted recursive impact factor (2012) 0.17 349/396
ISI, JCR SSE, Impact Factor (2010) 5.3 323/388
Source Normalized Impact per Paper (SNIP) (2011) 10.81 233/476
Article Influence Score (2021) 0.72 237/409
Article Influence Score (2019) 0.75 205/428
Impact Factor (2021) 3.98 106/409
Impact Factor (2019) 2.15 145/440
Impact Factor (5 year) (2021) 3.44 152/409
Impact Factor (5 year) (2019) 2.49 154/428
SJR - Scimago (2021) 0.86 240/558
SJR - Scimago (2019) 1.06 193/549
Count (2021) 1.0 58/659
Articles 20:

Assessing the Impact of COVID-19 on the Performance of Organ Transplant Services Using Data Envelopment Analysis
Marcia N. F. Manoel, Sérgio P. dos Santos, Carla A. E. Amado
vol. 26, 2023, p. 217-237.

On the Timing and Probability of Presurgical Teledermatology: How It Becomes the Dominant Strategy
Felipa de Mello Sampayo
vol. 25, 2022, p. 389-405.

Leveraging Electronic Health Record Data to Inform Hospital Resource Management: A Systematic Data Mining Approach
Jose Carlos Ferrao, Monica Duarte Oliveira, Daniel Gartner, Filipe Janela, Henrique M. G. Martins
vol. 24, 2021, p. 716-741.

Radiotherapy Treatment Scheduling Considering Time Window Preferences
Bruno Vieira, Derya Demirtas, Jeroen B. van de Kamer , Erwin W. Hans , Louis-Martin Rousseau, Nadia Lahrichi
vol. 23, 2020, p. 520-534.

Forecasting the Medical Workforce: A Stochastic Agent-Based Simulation Approach
Mario Amorim Lopes, Alvaro Almeida, Bernardo Almada-Lobo
vol. 21, 2018, p. 52-75.

Identifying Congestion Levels, Sources and Determinants on Intensive Care Units: The Portuguese Case
Diogo Ferreira, Rui Cunha Marques
vol. 21, 2018, p. 348-375.

Should Inpatients Be Adjusted by Their Complexity and Severity for Efficiency Assessment? Evidence from Portugal
Diogo Ferreira, Rui Cunha Marques
vol. 19, 2016, p. 43-57.

A Bicriteria Heuristic for an Elective Surgery Scheduling Problem
Ines Marques, Maria Eugénia Captivo, Margarida Vaz Pato
vol. 18, 2015, p. 251-266.

Benchmarking Clinical Practice in Surgery: Looking beyond Traditional Mortality Rates
Ricardo A S Castro, Pedro Nuno Oliveira, Maria Conceição Silva Portela, Ana Camanho, João Queiroz e Melo
vol. 18, 2015, p. 431-443.

A Hybrid Approach for Integrated Healthcare Cooperative Purchasing and Supply Chain Configuration
Nazaré Rego, João Claro, Jorge Pinho de Sousa
vol. 17, 2014, p. 303-320.

Efficiency Determinants and Capacity Issues in Brazilian For-Profit Hospitals
Claúdia Araújo, Carlos Pestana Barros, Peter Wanke
vol. 17, 2014, p. 126-138.

Assessing the Efficiency of Mother-to-Child HIV Prevention in Low- and Middle-Income Countries Using Data Envelopment Analysis
Sérgio P. dos Santos, Carla A. E. Amado, Mauro F. Santos
vol. 15, 2012, p. 206-222.

Modeling the Demand for Long-Term Care Services under Uncertain Information
Stefan Nickel, Monica Duarte Oliveira, Ana Barbosa-Povoa, Teresa Cardoso
vol. 15, 2012, p. 385-412.

Money for Nothing?: The Net Costs of Medical Training
Pedro Pita Barros, Sara R. Machado
vol. 15, 2010, p. 234-255.

An Analysis of Hospital Efficiency and Productivity Growth Using the Luenberger Indicator
Carlos Pestana Barros, António Gomes de Menezes, Nicolas Peypoch, Bernardin Solonandrasana, José Cabral Vieira
vol. 11, 2008, p. 373-381.

Requisite Models for Strategic Commissioning: The Example of Type 1 Diabetes
Mara Airoldi, Gwyn Bevan, Alec Morton, Monica Duarte Oliveira, Jenifer Smith
vol. 11, 2008, p. 89-110.

Modelling the Redistribution of Hospital Supply to Achieve Equity Taking Account of Patient s Behaviour
Monica Duarte Oliveira, Gwyn Bevan
vol. 9, 2006, p. 19-30.

Random Output and Hospital Performance
Pedro Pita Barros
vol. 6, 2003, p. 219-227.

A Signalling Theory of Excessive Technological Adoption
Pedro Pita Barros, Carlos Gouveia Pinto, Ana Machado
vol. 2, 1999, p. 117-123.

Has DRG Payment Influenced the Technical Efficiency and Productivity of Diagnostic Technologies in Portuguese Public Hospitals? An Empirical Analysis using Parametric and Non-Parametric Methods
Clara Elizabeth Dismuke, Vania Sena
vol. 2, 1999, p. 107-116.