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Artigos 19:

Ticking Time Bombs: The MENA and SSA Regions' Geopolitical Risks
Joao J. M. Ferreira, Sofia Gomes, João Lopes, Justin Z. Zhang
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Foreign Presence and Export Performance: The Role of Portuguese Commercial Diplomacy
Luis Pacheco, Andre Pereira Matos
International Trade Journal, vol. 36, 2022, p. 147-169.

Foreign Presence and Export Performance: The Role of Portuguese Commercial Diplomacy
Luis Pacheco, Andre Pereira Matos
International Trade Journal, vol. 36, 2022, p. 147-169.

Healthcare Professionals' Attitudes concerning Prioritisation Decisions: A Quali-quantitative Analysis in Angola
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Tony Lawson and the history of economic thought
Diogo Lourenco, Mário Graça Moura
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Spatial Competition for Students: What Does (Not) Matter?
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Inference Procedures to Quantify the Efficiency-Equality Trade-Off in Health from Stated Preferences: A Case Study in Portugal
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