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ISI, JCR SSE, Impact Factor (2010) 7.66 283/388
Kodrzycki and Yu (2006) 1.5 109/177
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Articles 40:

Effects of monetary policy on the skill premium and the growth rate in a directed technical change model with heterogeneous cash-in-advance constraints
Óscar Afonso, Pedro G. Lima
vol. 28, 2023, p. 4020-4036.

Emerging Market Debt and the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Time-Frequency Analysis of Spreads and Total Returns Dynamics
Mariya Gubareva, Zaghum Umar
vol. 28, 2023, p. 112-126.

The relationship between excessive lending, risk premium and risk-taking: Evidence from European banks
Thaer Alhalabi, Vitor Castro, Justine Wood
vol. 28, 2023, p. 448-471.

The Relationship between Excessive Lending, Risk Premium and Risk-Taking: Evidence from European Banks
Thaer Alhalabi, Vitor Castro, Justine Wood
vol. 28, 2023, p. 448-471.

Emerging Markets Financial Sector Debt: A Markov-Switching Study of Interest Rate Sensitivity
Mariya Gubareva, Benjamin Keddad
vol. 27, 2022, p. 3851-3863.

Fiscal Episodes in the Economic and Monetary Union: Elasticities and Non-Keynesian Effects
António Afonso, Frederico Silva Leal
vol. 27, 2022, p. 571-593.

Growth and wage effects of the monetary policy
Óscar Afonso
vol. 27, 2022, p. 4058-84.

Inflation in the G7 and the Expected Time to Reach the Reference Rate: A Nonparametric Approach
Ines da Cunha Cabral, João Nicolau
vol. 27, 2022, p. 1608-1620.

Macroeconomic Determinants of Credit Risk: Evidence from the Eurozone
Paulo V. Carvalho, José Dias Curto, Rodrigo Primor
vol. 27, 2022, p. 2054-2072.

Political Environment and Financial Crises
Thanh Conga Nguyen, Vitor Castro, Justine Wood
vol. 27, 2022, p. 417-438.

Political environment and financial crisis
Thanh Conga Nguyen, Vitor Castro, Justine Wood
vol. 192, 2022, p. 309-330.

Sovereign Bond Yield Spreads Spillovers in the Economic and Monetary Union
António Afonso, Mina Kazemi
vol. 27, 2022, p. 2615-2626.

Determinants of the Portuguese Government Bond Yields
Andre Pinho, Ricardo Barradas
vol. 26, 2021, p. 2375-2395.

Extrapolative Expectations and Macroeconomic Dynamics: Evidence from an Estimated DSGE Model
Mikael Bask, Joao António Rodrigues Madeira
vol. 26, 2021, p. 1101-1111.

How powerful are fiscal and monetary policies in a directed technical change model with humans and robots?
Óscar Afonso, Rosa Forte
vol. , 2021, p. .

The Performance of Social Responsible Investing from Retail Investors' Perspective: International Evidence
Guillermo Badia, Luis Ferruz, Maria Céu Cortez
vol. 26, 2021, p. 6074-6088.

The role of intellectual property rights in a directed technical change model
Óscar Afonso, Manuela Magalhães
vol. 26, 2021, p. 2142-76.

What Drives the Duration of Credit Booms?
Vitor Castro, Rodrigo Martins
vol. 26, 2021, p. 1531-1549.

Why are Credit Booms Sometimes Sweet and Sometimes Sour?
Vitor Castro, Rodrigo Martins
vol. 26, 2021, p. 3054-3074.

Banks' profitability, institutions, and regulation in the context of the financial crisis
João Teixeira, Francisco Silva, Fernando A.T. Costa, Dário M.C. Martins, Maria Batista
vol. 25, 2020, p. 297-320.

How Does Monetary Policy Respond to the Dynamics of the Shadow Banking Sector?
Luca Agnello, Vitor Castro, Fredj Jawadi, Ricardo Sousa
vol. 25, 2020, p. 228-247.

Diversification and the Benefits of Using Returns Standardized by Range-Based Volatility Estimators
José Luis Miralles Quirós, Maria del Mar Miralles-Quiros, Jose Manuel Nogueira
vol. 24, 2019, p. 671-684.

Financial Integration and the Great Leveraging
Daniel Carvalho
vol. 24, 2019, p. 54-79.

Foreign Direct Investment with Tax Holidays and Policy Uncertainty
Alcino Azevedo, Paulo Jorge Pereira, Artur Rodrigues
vol. 24, 2019, p. 727-739.

Revisiting Fama-French Factors' Predictability with Bayesian Modelling and Copula-Based Portfolio Optimization
Yang Zhao, Charalampos Stasinakis, Georgios Sermpinis, Filipa Da Silva Fernandes
vol. 24, 2019, p. 1443-1463.

Stock Price Effects of Bank Rating Announcements: An Application to European Union Countries
Júlio Lobão , Luis Pacheco, Susana Campos
vol. 24, 2019, p. 4-19.

Unconventional Monetary Policies and Bank Credit in the Eurozone: An Events Study Approach
Luis Martins, Joana Batista, Alexandra Ferreira Lopes
vol. 24, 2019, p. 1210-1224.

Euro Area Time-Varying Fiscal Sustainability
António Afonso, Joao Tovar Jalles
vol. 22, 2017, p. 244-254.

Is There Still a Berlin Wall in the Post-issue Operating Performance of European IPOs?
Tiago Pereira, Miguel Sousa
vol. 22, 2017, p. 139-158.

Monetary Developments and Expansionary Fiscal Consolidations: Evidence from the EMU
António Afonso, Luis Martins
vol. 21, 2016, p. 247-265.

How Does Fiscal Policy Affect Investment? Evidence from a Large Panel
António Afonso, Joao Tovar Jalles
vol. 20, 2015, p. 310-327.

Pricing Sovereign Bond Risk in the European Monetary Union Area: An Empirical Investigation
António Afonso, Michael G. Arghyrou, Alexandros Kontonikas
vol. 19, 2014, p. 49-56.

The Balance Sheet Channel in a Small Open Economy in a Monetary Union
João Miguel Sousa, Isabel Marques Gameiro
vol. 18, 2013, p. 278-292.

International Stock Market Indices Comovements: A New Look
Carlos Pinho, Mara Madaleno
vol. 17, 2012, p. 89-102.

Socially Responsible Investing in the Global Market: The Performance of US and European Funds
Maria Céu Cortez, Florinda Silva, Nelson Areal
vol. 17, 2012, p. 254-271.

Short- and Long-Run Determinants of Sovereign Debt Credit Ratings
António Afonso, Pedro Gomes, Philipp Rother
vol. 16, 2011, p. 1-15.

Threshold Effects in Credit Risk and Stress Scenarios
Tiago M. T. Nunes, Paulo M. M. Rodrigues
vol. 16, 2011, p. 393-407.

When Markets Fall Down: Are Emerging Markets All the Same?
Sofia Ramos, Jeroen K. Vermunt, José Gonçalves Dias
vol. 16, 2011, p. 324-338.

Monetary Policy Shocks in the Euro Area and Global Liquidity Spillovers
João Miguel Sousa, Andrea Zaghini
vol. 13, 2008, p. 205-218.

The ECB Monetary Policy Strategy and the Money Market
Vitor Gaspar, Gabriel Perez Quiros, Jorge Sicilia
vol. 6, 2001, p. 325-342.