António C. Moreira
REBIDES institution:
Universidade de Aveiro (2015)
Articles 8:
Ranking: CEF.UP+NIPE (average of all rankings) (2012).

Foreign and Multinational Ownership Impact on Firm Exit: A Sectoral Analysis 9.38
Pedro Silva, António C. Moreira
Managerial And Decision Economics, vol. 42, 2021, p. 1550-1563.

Multidyadic Relationships: A Multi-stage Perspective 1.91
Claudia P. Ribau, António C. Moreira, Mário Raposo
Global Business And Economics Review, vol. 21, 2019, p. 732-755.

Determinants of Microcredit Repayment in Portugal: Analysis of Borrowers, Loans and Business Projects 1.28
Jorge Mota, António C. Moreira, Cristovao Brandao
Portuguese Economic Journal, vol. 17, 2018, p. 141-171.

SME Internationalization Research: Mapping the State of the Art 5.45
Claudia P. Ribau, António C. Moreira, Mário Raposo
Revue Canadienne Des Sciences De L Administration/Canadian Journal Of Administra, vol. 35, 2018, p. 280-303.

Strategic Decisions on Bilateral Bidding Behavior: Evidence from a Wholesale Electricity Market 6.39
Vítor Moutinho, António C. Moreira, João Paulo Cerdeira Bento
Empirical Economics, vol. 54, 2018, p. 1353-1387.

Do Regulatory Mechanisms Promote Competition and Mitigate Market Power? Evidence from Spanish Electricity Market 8.56
Vítor Moutinho, António C. Moreira, Jorge Mota
Energy Policy, vol. 68, 2014, p. 403-412.

Ownership Concentration, Contestability, Family Firms, and Capital Structure 3.55
Mário Sacramento dos Santos, António C. Moreira, Elisabete Vieira
Journal Of Management And Governance, vol. 18, 2014, p. 1063-1107.

The Crucial Relationship among Energy Commodity Prices: Evidence from the Spanish Electricity Market 8.56
Vítor Moutinho, Joel Vieira, António C. Moreira
Energy Policy, vol. 39, 2011, p. 5898-5908.