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ABS (2010) 50.0 198/288
Australian RC (2010) 50.0 304/479
Axarloglou and Theoharakis (2003) 1.45 88/94
Carlos III (2010) 2.5 148/153
Combes and Linnemer (2003) 33.0 67/253
Ideas discounted recursive impact factor (2012) 0.51 299/396
Lubrano et al (2003) 40.0 104/211
Qualis (2008) 87.5 45/200
Schneider and Ursprung (2008) 20.0 210/278
Source Normalized Impact per Paper (SNIP) (2011) 11.72 208/476
SJR - Scimago (2021) 0.51 358/558
SJR - Scimago (2019) 0.43 373/549
Count (2021) 1.0 524/659
Articles 29:

Determinants of Working Capital: Empirical Evidence on Manufacturing SMEs
Filipe Sardo, Zélia Serrasqueiro
vol. 49, 2022, p. 506-521.

International Trade, Non-tariff Measures and Climate Change: Insights from Port Wine Exports
Anthony Macedo, Sofia Gouveia, João Rebelo, Joao Santos, Helder Fraga
vol. 48, 2021, p. 1228-1243.

On the Performance of US Fiscal Forecasts: Government vs. Private Information
Zidong An, Joao Tovar Jalles
vol. 48, 2021, p. 367-391.

Assessing Brazilian Electric Power Transmission Auctions: A Copula-Based Sample Selection Model
Washington Martins Silva, Osvaldo Candido
vol. 47, 2020, p. 182-199.

Pension Plan Funding and Market Value of the Firm: The Portuguese Case
Maria Teresa Medeiros Garcia, Jose Amilcar Neves Domingos
vol. 47, 2020, p. 827-847.

The Collapse of Credit Booms: A Competing Risks Analysis
Vitor Castro, Rodrigo Martins
vol. 47, 2020, p. 1437-1465.

Health Care Investments and Economic Performance in Portugal: An Industry Level Analysis
Alfredo Marvão Pereira, Rui Marvão Pereira, Pedro Rodrigues
vol. 46, 2019, p. 1174-1200.

Efficiency in Banking of Developing Countries with the Same Cultural Background: A Novel Distance Function Frontier Model
Carlos Pestana Barros, Mike G. Tsionas, Peter Wanke, M. D. Abul Kalam Azad
vol. 45, 2018, p. 638-659.

Value versus Growth in PIIGS Stock Markets
Maria Teresa Medeiros Garcia, Ricardo A. A. Oliveira
vol. 45, 2018, p. 956-978.

Internal and External Determinants of Banks' Profitability: The Portuguese Case
Maria Teresa Medeiros Garcia, Joao Pedro Martins Guerreiro
vol. 43, 2016, p. 90-107.

Productivity Growth and Convergence: A Stochastic Frontier Analysis
Catarina Sa Cardoso, Geetha Ravishankar
vol. 42, 2015, p. 224-236.

Labor Productivity and Obsolete Skills in a Growth Model with Production by Layers
Orlando Gomes
vol. 41, 2014, p. 431-452.

Determinants of the Property-Liability Insurance Market: Evidence from Portugal
Maria Teresa Medeiros Garcia
vol. 39, 2012, p. 440-450.

Protectionism under R&D Policy: Innovation Rate and Welfare
Felipa de Mello Sampayo, Sofia Vale, Francisco Camões, Orlando Gomes
vol. 39, 2012, p. 106-124.

Can Imports Mitigate Racial Earnings Inequality?
Jacqueline Agesa, Richard U. Agesa, Carlos Lopes
vol. 38, 2011, p. 157-170.

Fragmentation in the Automobile Manufacturing Industry: Evidence from Portugal
Horácio Faustino, Nuno Carlos Leitão
vol. 38, 2011, p. 287-300.

Long-Term Effects of Fiscal Policies in Portugal
Alfredo Marvão Pereira, Oriol Roca Sagales
vol. 38, 2011, p. 114-127.

Consumer Confidence, Endogenous Growth and Endogenous Cycles
Orlando Gomes
vol. 37, 2010, p. 377-404.

What Causes Economic Growth in Portugal: Exports or Inward FDI?
Jorge Andraz, Paulo M. M. Rodrigues
vol. 37, 2010, p. 267-287.

A Model of Stock Price Adjustment after Dividends
Maria Rosa Borges
vol. 36, 2009, p. 508-521.

On the Stability of Endogenous Growth Models: An Evaluation of the Agents´ Response to Output Fluctuations
Orlando Gomes
vol. 36, 2009, p. 17-35.

The Banking Sector, Economic Growth and European Integration
Cândida Ferreira
vol. 35, 2008, p. 512-527.

Another Look at the Social Question
Joaquim Ramos Silva
vol. 33, 2006, p. 307-316.

Routes to Chaos in Macroeconomic Theory
Orlando Gomes
vol. 33, 2006, p. 437-468.

Performance Measurement in Tax Offices with a Stochastic Frontier Model
Carlos Pestana Barros,
vol. 32, 2005, p. 497-510.

Measuring Performance in Defense-Sector Companies in a Small NATO Member Country
Carlos Pestana Barros,
vol. 31, 2004, p. 112-128.

Mathematics in Economics: The Competition Point of View
Joaquim Ramos Silva
vol. 27, 2000, p. 326-337.

Trade between Asymmetrical Democratic Countries
Joaquim Ramos Silva
vol. 26, 1999, p. 412-426.

The Performance of Credit Markets under Asymmetric Information about Project Means and Variances
Brian Hillier, Muradali Ibrahimo
vol. 19, 1992, p. 3-17.