Copenhagen Business School
Articles 11:

On the Cultural Basis of Gender Differences in Negotiation
Steffen Andersen, Seda Ertac, Uri Gneezy, John A. List, Sandra Maximiano
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Capital Market Integration and Consumption Risk Sharing over the Long Run
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Skills and Regional Entrepreneurship Capital Formation: A Comparison between Germany and Portugal
Joana Mendonça, Christoph Grimpe
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Does Experience Rating Improve Obstetric Practices? Evidence from Italy
Sofia Amaral-Garcia, Paola Bertoli, Veronica Grembi
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Entry and Exit Dynamics of Nascent Business Owners
Vera Catarina Rocha, Anabela Carneiro, Celeste Amorim
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Gender Pay Gaps and the Restructuring of Graduate Labour Markets in Southern Europe
Hugo Figueiredo, Vera Catarina Rocha, Ricardo Biscaia, Pedro Nuno Teixeira
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Serial Entrepreneurship, Learning by Doing and Self-Selection
Vera Catarina Rocha, Anabela Carneiro, Celeste Amorim
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Heterogeneous Firms and the Impact of Government Policy on Welfare and Informality
Caterina Mendicino, Mauricio Prado
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MNC Subsidiary Closures: What Is the Value of Employees` Human Capital in New Jobs?
Wolfgang Sofka, Miguel Torres Preto, Pedro Faria
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Multinational Subsidiary Knowledge Protection--Do Mandates and Clusters Matter?
Wolfgang Sofka, Edlira Shehu, Pedro Faria
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The European University Landscape: A Micro Characterization Based on Evidence from the Aquameth Project
Cinzia Darai, Andrea Bonaccorsi, Aldo Geuna, Benedetto Lepori, Laurent Bach, Peter Bogetoft, Margarida F. Cardoso, Elena Castro-Martinez, Gustavo Crespi, Ignacio Fernandez de Lucio, Harold Fried, Adela Garcia-Aracil, Annamaria Inzelti, Ben Jongbloed, Gerhard Kempkes, Patrick Llerenad, Mireille Matt, Maria Olivares, Carsten Pohl, Tarmo Ratyl, Maria J. Rosas, Cláudia S. Sarrico, Léopold Simar, Pedro Nuno Teixeira, Stig Slipersaeter, Philippe Vanden Eeckaut
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