António Mello
Ph D: LBS, 1988
Articles 14:
Ranking: CEF.UP+NIPE (average of all rankings) (2012).

The Fragile Capital Structure of Hedge Funds and the Limits to Arbitrage 32.36
Xuewen Liu, António Mello
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A Dynamic Analysis of Growth via Acquisition 8.18
Worawat Margsiri, António Mello, Martin Ruckes
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Financially Constrained Arbitrage in Illiquid Markets 19.62
Mukarram Attari, António Mello
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Should Corporate Debt Include a Rating Trigger? 32.36
Karan Bhanot, António Mello
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Team Composition 16.57
António Mello, Martin Ruckes
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Hedging and Liquidity 31.49
António Mello, John Parsons
Review Of Financial Studies, vol. 13, 2000, p. 127-153.

How Integrated Are the Money Market and the Bank Loans Market within the European Union? 16.93
Mário Centeno, António Mello
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Going Public and the Ownership Structure of the Firm 32.36
António Mello, John Parsons
Journal of Financial Economics, vol. 49, 1998, p. 79-109.

Do Noise Traders "Create Their Own Space?" 14.23
Ravi Bhushan, David Brown, António Mello
Journal Of Financial And Quantitative Analysis, vol. 32, 1997, p. 25-45.

Exchange Rate Expectations and Market Shares 16.4
Luis Cabral, António Mello
Economics Letters, vol. 55, 1997, p. 61-67.

An Integrated Model of Multinational Flexibility and Financial Hedging 18.11
António Mello, John Parsons, Alexander Triantis
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Financial Constraints and Firm Post-Entry Performance 18.53
Paulo Brito, António Mello
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Measuring the Agency Cost of Debt 38.18
António Mello, John Parsons
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The Default Risk of Swaps 38.18
Ian Cooper, António Mello
Journal of Finance, vol. 46, 1991, p. 597-620.