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Articles 10:

Some Further Considerations on the Sraffian Methodenstreit [Reply to 'The Sraffian Methodenstreit and the Revolution in Economic Theory']
Nuno Ornelas Martins
Cambridge Journal Of Economics, vol. 44, 2020, p. 251-254.

Productivity Shocks in a Union-Duopoly Model
António Brandão, Joana Pinho
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Critical Ethical Naturalism and the Transformation of Economics
Nuno Ornelas Martins
Cambridge Journal Of Economics, vol. 41, 2017, p. 1323-1342.

Sraffa on Fixed Capital, Money and the Phases of Capitalism
Nuno Ornelas Martins
Review Of Political Economy, vol. 29, 2014, p. 117-127.

Value and Quantity Data in Economic and Technical Efficiency Measurement
Maria Conceição Silva Portela
Economics Letters, vol. 124, 2014, p. 108-112.

Sen, Sraffa and the Revival of Classical Political Economy
Nuno Ornelas Martins
Journal Of Economic Methodology, vol. 19, 2012, p. 143-157.

Looking for a Change Point in French Monetary Policy in the Early Eighties
Maria Alberta Oliveira, Carlos Santos
Applied Economics Letters, vol. 17, 2010, p. 387-392.

On Some Criticisms of Critical Realism in Economics
Mário Graça Moura, Nuno Ornelas Martins
Cambridge Journal Of Economics, vol. 32, 2008, p. 203-218.

The Feldstein-Horioka Hypothesis versus the Long-Run Solvency Constraint Model: A Critical Assessment
Kevin Nell, Luís Delfim Santos
Economics Letters, vol. 98, 2008, p. 66-70.

Skype and the New Regulatory Framework
Ricardo Gonçalves, Rita Ribeiro
Communications & Strategies, vol. 0, 2005, p. 141-158.