Paula Sarmento
Ph D: U Porto, Economics, 2005
Master: U Porto, Economics, 1997
Bachelor: U Porto, Economia, 1990
FCT research center:
Centro de Economia e Finanças da Universidade do Porto (2015)
REBIDES institution:
Universidade do Porto - Faculdade de Economia (2015)
Articles 4:
Ranking: CEF.UP+NIPE (average of all rankings) (2012).

Networks in Decline: Should Price Regulation Be Abolished? 9.23
Paula Sarmento, António Brandão
International Journal of The Economics Of Business, vol. 27, 2020, p. 377-389.

Welfare Effects of Unbundling under Different Regulatory Regimes in Natural Gas Markets 0.77
António Brandão, Joana Pinho, Joana Resende, Paula Sarmento, Isabel Soares
Portuguese Economic Journal, vol. 15, 2016, p. 99-127.

Should Regulators Be More Proactive about Entry? An Evaluation under Asymmetric Information 5.12
Paula Sarmento, António Brandão
Hitotsubashi Journal Of Economics, vol. 53, 2012, p. 71-84.

Access Pricing: A Comparison between Full Deregulation and Two Alternative Instruments of Access Price Regulation, Cost-Based and Retail-Minus 10.23
Paula Sarmento, António Brandão
Telecommunications Policy, vol. 31, 2007, p. 236-250.