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Artigos 13:

Financial Constraints and Small and Medium-Sized Firms’ Export Propensity: Evidence from Portuguese Manufacturing Firms.
Rosa Forte, Ana Salomé Moreira
vol. 25, 2018, p. 223-241.

Firm Shutdown during the Financial and the Sovereign Debt Crises: Empirical Evidence from Portugal
Priscila Ferreira, George Saridakis
vol. 24, 2017, p. 153-179.

The Shrinking Hand: Why Information Technology Leads to Smaller Firms
Jean-Jacques Rosa, Julien Hanoteau
vol. 19, 2012, p. 285-314.

Vaccine Supply: Effects of Regulation and Competition
Patricia Danzon, Nuno Sousa Pereira
vol. 18, 2011, p. 239-271.

How to Measure the Deterrence Effects of Merger Policy: Frequency or Composition?
Pedro Pita Barros, Joseph Clougherty, Jo Seldeslachts
vol. 17, 2010, p. 1-8.

A Signalling Model of Firms Foreign Direct Investment Relocation Decision
Rosa Forte, António Brandão
vol. 15, 2008, p. 339-357.

Testing Gibrat s Law: Empirical Evidence from a Panel of Portuguese Manufacturing Firms
Blandina Oliveira, Adelino Fortunato
vol. 13, 2006, p. 65-81.

FDI and Multinationals: Patterns, Impacts and Policies
Ana Teresa Tavares, Stephen Young
vol. 12, 2005, p. 3-16.

Some Implications of Search and Switching Costs for the Price Dynamics of Electronic Markets
Pedro Pereira
vol. 11, 2004, p. 303-327.

Is There a 'Change in Efficiency Theory'?
Cesaltina Pires, Duarte Brito
vol. 10, 2003, p. 337-345.

Measuring the Market Power of the Portuguese Milk Industry
Maria Margarida Mello, António Brandão
vol. 6, 1999, p. 209-222.

The Diffusion of Process Innovations: A Selective Review
Rui Baptista
vol. 6, 1999, p. 107-129.

Business Conditions and Business Starts
José Mata
vol. 3, 1996, p. 295-305.