Diana Bonfim
Articles 11:
Ranking: CEF.UP+NIPE (average of all rankings) (2012).

'Sorry, We're Closed' Bank Branch Closures, Loan Pricing, and Information Asymmetries 8.18
Diana Bonfim, Gil Nogueira, Steven Ongena
Review Of Finance, vol. 25, 2021, p. 1211-1259.

Surviving the Perfect Storm: The Role of the Lender of Last Resort 14.95
Nuno Alves, Diana Bonfim, Carla Soares
Journal Of Financial Intermediation, vol. 47, 2021, p. .

Liquidity Risk and Collective Moral Hazard 5.51
Diana Bonfim, Moshe Kim
International Journal Of Central Banking, vol. 15, 2019, p. 101-150.

Cross-Border Spillovers of Monetary Policy: What Changes during a Financial Crisis? 8.46
Luciana Barbosa, Diana Bonfim, Sónia Costa, Mary Everett
Journal of International Money and Finance, vol. 89, 2018, p. 154-174.

Forecasting Banking Crises with Dynamic Panel Probit Models 8.66
António Antunes, Diana Bonfim, Nuno Monteiro, Paulo M. M. Rodrigues
International Journal Of Forecasting, vol. 34, 2018, p. 249-275.

The Number of Bank Relationships and Borrowing Costs: The Role of Information Asymmetries 10.53
Diana Bonfim, Qinglei Dai, Francesco Franco
Journal Of Empirical Finance, vol. 46, 2018, p. 191-209.

The Risk-Taking Channel of Monetary Policy: Exploring All Avenues 24.46
Diana Bonfim, Carla Soares
Journal Of Money, Credit And Banking, vol. 50, 2018, p. 1507-1541.

International Banking and Cross-Border Effects of Regulation: Lessons from Portugal 5.51
Diana Bonfim, Sónia Costa
International Journal Of Central Banking, vol. 13, 2017, p. 341-377.

Counterfactual Analysis of Bank Mergers 4.79
Pedro Pita Barros, Diana Bonfim, Moshe Kim, Nuno Martins
Empirical Economics, vol. 46, 2014, p. 361-391.

What Happens after Corporate Default? Stylized Facts on Access to Credit 12.52
Diana Bonfim, Daniel Dias, Christine Richmond
Journal of Banking and Finance, vol. 36, 2012, p. 2007-2025.

Credit Risk Drivers: Evaluating the Contribution of Firm Level Information and of Macroeconomic Dynamics 37.57
Diana Bonfim
Journal of Banking and Finance, vol. 33, 2009, p. 281-299.