Rita Martins
FCT research center:
Grupo de Estudos Monetários e Financeiros (2015)
REBIDES institution:
Universidade de Coimbra - Faculdade de Economia (2015)
Articles 7:
Ranking: CEF.UP+NIPE (average of all rankings) (2012).

Regulatory Changes to Portugal's Social Tariffs: Carrying Water in a Sieve? 4.86
Rita Martins, Micaela Antunes, Adelino Fortunato
Utilities Policy, vol. 64, 2020, p. .

Making Ends Meet: Actual versus Potential Joint Affordability of Utility Services 4.86
Rita Martins, Carlota Quintal, Micaela Antunes
Utilities Policy, vol. 56, 2019, p. 120-126.

Critical Analysis of the Portuguese Water Industry Restructuring Plan 7.28
Rita Martins, Adelino Fortunato
Utilities Policy, vol. 43, 2016, p. 131-139.

Water Affordability Issues in Developed Countries--The Relevance of Micro Approaches 3.64
Rita Martins, Carlota Quintal, Luís Cruz, Eduardo Barata
Utilities Policy, vol. 43, 2016, p. 117-123.

Water Losses and Hydrographical Regions Influence on the Cost Structure of the Portuguese Water Industry 8.88
Rita Martins, Adelino Fortunato, Fernando Coelho
Journal Of Productivity Analysis, vol. 38, 2012, p. 81-94.

Promoting Sustainable Residential Water Use: A Portuguese Case Study in Ownership and Regulation 6.05
Rita Martins, Patricia Moura e Sa
Policy Studies, vol. 32, 2011, p. 291-301.

Privatization in Portugal: Employee Owners or Just Happy Employees? 9.49
Luis Moura Ramos, Rita Martins
Economic And Industrial Democracy, vol. 25, 2004, p. 581-605.