Jaime Reis
Doutoramento: U Oxford, History, 1975
Artigos 9:
Ranking: CEF.UP+NIPE (average of all rankings) (2012).

Historical Gender Discrimination Does Not Explain Comparative Western European Development: Evidence from Portugal, 1300-1900 11.82
Nuno Pedro Palma, Jaime Reis, Lisbeth Rodrigues
Explorations In Economic History, vol. 88, 2023, p. .

Can Autocracy Promote Literacy? Evidence from a Cultural Alignment Success Story 18.8
Nuno Pedro Palma, Jaime Reis
Journal Of Economic Behavior And Organization, vol. 186, 2021, p. 412-436.

From Convergence to Divergence: Portuguese Economic Growth, 1527-1850 18.26
Nuno Pedro Palma, Jaime Reis
Journal of Economic History, vol. 79, 2019, p. 477-506.

The Great Escape? The Contribution of the Empire to Portugal's Economic Growth, 1500-1800 6.39
Leonor Freire Costa, Nuno Pedro Palma, Jaime Reis
European Review Of Economic History, vol. 19, 2015, p. 1-22.

Portuguese Living Standards, 1720-1980, in European Comparison: Heights, Income, and Human Capital 10.67
Yvonne Stolz, Joerg Baten, Jaime Reis
Economic History Review, vol. 66, 2013, p. 545-578.

Market Integration in the Golden Periphery: The Lisbon/London Exchange, 1854-1891 11.82
Rui Pedro Esteves, Jaime Reis, Fabiano Ferramosca
Explorations In Economic History, vol. 46, 2009, p. 324-345.

Regulation, Competition and Income Distribution: An Outsider´s Perspective 20.6
Jaime Reis
Quarterly Review Of Economics And Finance, vol. 48, 2008, p. 447-456.

An ´Art´, Not a ´Science´? Central Bank Management in Portugal under the Gold Standard, 1863-87 32.02
Jaime Reis
Economic History Review, vol. 60, 2007, p. 712-741.

Portuguese Economic Growth, 1833-1985: Some Doubts 8.27
Pedro Lains, Jaime Reis
Journal of European Economic History, vol. 20, 1991, p. 441-453.