Isabel Grilo
Ph D: Catholic U Louvain, Economics, 1994
Articles 17:
Ranking: CEF.UP+NIPE (average of all rankings) (2012).

Explaining Preferences and Actual Involvement in Self-Employment: Gender and the Entrepreneurial Personality 7.23
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Jolanda Hessels, Isabel Grilo, Roy Thurik, Peter van der Zwan
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The Entrepreneurial Ladder and Its Determinants 8.64
Peter van der Zwan, Roy Thurik, Isabel Grilo
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Cournot Equilibrium without Apology: Existence and the Cournot Inverse Demand Function 24.68
Isabel Grilo, Jean-Francois Mertens
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Determinants of Entrepreneurial Engagement Levels in Europe and the US 15.51
Isabel Grilo, Roy Thurik
Industrial And Corporate Change, vol. 17, 2008, p. 1113-1145.

Entrepreneurship in the EU: To Wish and Not to Be 15.09
Isabel Grilo, Jesus Maria Irigoyen
Small Business Economics, vol. 26, 2006, p. 305-318.

A Market with a Social Consumption Externality 4.43
James Friedman, Isabel Grilo
Japanese Economic Review, vol. 56, 2005, p. 251-272.

On Strategic Complementarity Conditions in Bertrand Oligopoly 21.25
Amir Rabah, Isabel Grilo
Economic Theory, vol. 22, 2003, p. 227-232.

Delegation in a Vertically Differentiated Duopoly 11.44
Fátima Barros, Isabel Grilo
Manchester School, vol. 70, 2002, p. 164-184.

Price Competition When Consumer Behavior Is Characterized by Conformity or Vanity 17.53
Isabel Grilo, Shy Oz, Jacques Francois Thisse
Journal of Public Economics, vol. 80, 2001, p. 385-408.

Social Dumping and Relocation: Is There a Case for Imposing a Social Clause? 17.79
Tito Cordella, Isabel Grilo
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Price Competition When Product Quality Is Uncertain 7.99
Isabel Grilo, Xavier Wauthy
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Demand-Induced Endogenous Price Leadership 5.07
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Engouement Collectif et Concurrence 7.45
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Mixed Duopoly under Vertical Differentiation 17.09
Isabel Grilo
Annales D' Economie Et Statistique, vol. 0, 1994, p. 91-112.

Price Competition When Consumers Are Uncertain about Which Firm Sells Which Quality 21.28
Jean Gabszewicz, Isabel Grilo
Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, vol. 1, 1992, p. 629-650.