Susana Ferreira
Articles 12:

What Makes People Happy? Evidence from International Data.
Mona Ahmadiani, Susana Ferreira, Jacqueline Kessler
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Air Pollution and Happiness: Evidence from the Coldest Capital in the World
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Air Pollution and Noncognitive Traits among Chinese Adolescents
Mengyao Li , Susana Ferreira, Travis A. Smith, Xin Zhang
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Well-Being Effects of Extreme Weather Events in the United States
Mona Ahmadiani, Susana Ferreira
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Governance of Payments for Ecosystem Ecosystem Services Influences Social and Environmental Outcomes in Costa Rica
Katherine Brownson, Elizabeth P. Anderson, Susana Ferreira, Seth Wenger, Laurie Fowler, Laura German
Ecological Economics, vol. 174, 2020, p. .

Do Forest Property Characteristics Reveal Landowners' Willingness to Accept Payments for Ecosystem Services Contracts in Southeast Georgia, U.S.?
Moon Jeong Kang, Jacek P. Siry, Gregory Colson, Susana Ferreira
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Environmental Amenities and Quality of Life across the United States
Mona Ahmadiani, Susana Ferreira
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Flood Insurance and Risk Reduction: Market Penetration, Coverage, and Mitigation in Coastal North Carolina
Mona Ahmadiani, Susana Ferreira, Craig E. Landry
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Ripple Effects of the 2011 Japan Earthquake on International Stock Markets
Pourya Valizadeh, Berna Karali, Susana Ferreira
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Life Satisfaction and Air Quality in Europe
Susana Ferreira
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Governance and Timber Harvests
Susana Ferreira, Jeffrey R. Vincent
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On the Use of Subjective Well-Being Data for Environmental Valuation
Susana Ferreira, Mirko Moro
Environmental and Resource Economics, vol. 46, 2010, p. 249-273.