Margarida Duarte
Doutoramento: U Rochester, Economics, 2001
Mestrado: U Rochester, Economics, 1998
Licenciatura: U Nova, Economics, 1993
Artigos 8:
Ranking: CEF.UP+NIPE (average of all rankings) (2012).

Relative Prices and Sectoral Productivity 22.03
Margarida Duarte, Diego Restuccia
Journal Of The European Economic Association, vol. 18, 2020, p. 1400-1443.

The Role of the Structural Transformation in Aggregate Productivity 50.0
Margarida Duarte, Diego Restuccia
Quarterly Journal Of Economics, vol. 125, 2010, p. 129-173.

Fiscal Policy and Regional Inflation in a Currency Union 27.17
Margarida Duarte, Alexander Wolman
Journal of International Economics, vol. 74, 2008, p. 384-401.

Monetary Policy in the Open Economy Revisited: The Case for Exchange-Rate Flexibility Restored 16.93
Margarida Duarte, Maurice Obstfeld
Journal of International Money and Finance, vol. 27, 2008, p. 949-957.

Nontraded Goods, Market Segmentation, and Exchange Rates 30.15
Michael Dotsey, Margarida Duarte
Journal of Monetary Economics, vol. 55, 2008, p. 1129-1142.

The Structural Transformation and Aggregate Productivity in Portugal 1.91
Margarida Duarte, Diego Restuccia
Portuguese Economic Journal, vol. 6, 2007, p. 23-46.

Rational Speculation and Exchange Rates 30.15
Margarida Duarte, Alan Stockman
Journal of Monetary Economics, vol. 52, 2005, p. 3-29.

Why Don't Macroeconomic Quantities Respond to Exchange Rate Variability? 60.29
Margarida Duarte
Journal of Monetary Economics, vol. 50, 2003, p. 889-913.