Vasco M. Carvalho
Ph D: University of Chicago, Economics, 2008
Master: University of Chicago, Economics, 2004
Bachelor: ISEG-Technical University of Lisbon, Economics, 1999
Articles 9:
Ranking: CEF.UP+NIPE (average of all rankings) (2012).

Supply Chain Disruptions: Evidence from the Great East Japan Earthquake 25.0
Vasco M. Carvalho, Makoto Nirei, Yukiko U. Saito, Alireza Tahbaz-Salehi
Quarterly Journal Of Economics, vol. 136, 2021, p. 1255-1321.

Large Firm Dynamics and the Business Cycle 43.51
Vasco M. Carvalho, Basile Grassi
American Economic Review, vol. 109, 2019, p. 1375-1425.

From Micro to Macro via Production Networks 62.65
Vasco M. Carvalho
Journal Of Economic Perspectives, vol. 28, 2014, p. 23-48.

The Great Diversification and Its Undoing 43.51
Vasco M. Carvalho, Xavier Gabaix
American Economic Review, vol. 103, 2013, p. 1697-1727.

The Network Origins of Aggregate Fluctuations 22.85
Daron Acemoglu, Vasco M. Carvalho, Asuman E. Ozdaglar, Alireza Tahbaz-Salehi
Econometrica, vol. 80, 2012, p. 1977-2016.

Understanding Bubbly Episodes 29.01
Vasco M. Carvalho, Alberto Martín, Jaume Ventura
American Economic Review, vol. 102, 2012, p. 95-100.

A Note on Common Cycles, Common Trends, and Convergence 16.29
Vasco M. Carvalho, Andrew Harvey, Thomas Trimbur
Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, vol. 25, 2007, p. 12-20.

Convergence in the Trends and Cycles of Euro-Zone Income 20.96
Andrew Harvey, Vasco M. Carvalho
Journal of Applied Econometrics, vol. 20, 2005, p. 275-289.

Growth, Cycles and Convergence in US Regional Time Series 17.33
Vasco M. Carvalho, Andrew Harvey
International Journal Of Forecasting, vol. 21, 2005, p. 667-686.