Alexandra Marques
Doutoramento: Instituto Superior Técnico - UTL, Sustainable Energy Systems,
Licenciatura: (Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, Applied Plant Biology, 2005
Artigos 3:

A Network Approach for Assembling and Linking Input-Output Models
João Filipe Rodrigues, Alexandra Marques, Richard Wood, Arnold Tukker
Economic Systems Research, vol. 28, 2016, p. 518-538.

International Trade and the Geographical Separation between Income and Enabled Carbon Emissions
Alexandra Marques, João Filipe Rodrigues, Tiago Domingos
Ecological Economics, vol. 89, 2013, p. 162-169.

Income-Based Environmental Responsibility
Tiago Domingos, Alexandra Marques, João Filipe Rodrigues, Manfred Lenzen
Ecological Economics, vol. 84, 2012, p. 57-65.