Pedro Faria
Ph D: UTL, Engineering and Industrial Management, 2008
Master: UTL, Engineering Policy and Management of Technology, 2004
Bachelor: UTL, Environmental Engineering, 2001
Articles 8:
Ranking: CEF.UP+NIPE (average of all rankings) (2012).

Sub- and Non-state Climate Action: A Framework to Assess Progress, Implementation and Impact 2.66
Thomas N. Hale, Sander Chan, Angel Hsu, Andrew Clapper, Cynthia Elliot, Pedro Faria
Climate Policy, vol. 21, 2021, p. 406-420.

Ties That Matter: The Impact of Alliance Partner Knowledge Recombination Novelty on Knowledge Utilization in R&D Alliances 15.1
Holmer Kok, Dries Faems, Pedro Faria
Research Policy, vol. 49, 2020, p. .

Human Capital and Innovation: The Importance of the Optimal Organizational Task Structure 15.1
Tiago Fonseca, Pedro Faria, Francisco Lima
Research Policy, vol. 48, 2019, p. 616-627.

MNC Subsidiary Closures: What Is the Value of Employees` Human Capital in New Jobs? 13.95
Wolfgang Sofka, Miguel Torres Preto, Pedro Faria
Journal Of International Business Studies, vol. 45, 2014, p. 723-750.

Multinational Subsidiary Knowledge Protection--Do Mandates and Clusters Matter? 15.1
Wolfgang Sofka, Edlira Shehu, Pedro Faria
Research Policy, vol. 43, 2014, p. 1320-1333.

Interdependence and Spillovers: Is Firm Performance Affected by Others` Innovation Activities 12.96
Pedro Faria, Francisco Lima
Applied Economics, vol. 44, 2012, p. 4765-4775.

Cooperation in Innovation Activities: The Importance of Partners 15.1
Pedro Faria, Francisco Lima, Rui Santos
Research Policy, vol. 39, 2010, p. 1082-1092.

Knowledge Protection Strategies of Multinational Firms--A Cross-Country Comparison 22.64
Pedro Faria, Wolfgang Sofka
Research Policy, vol. 39, 2010, p. 956-968.