Pedro Raposo
Master: U Tilburg, Economics, 2007
Bachelor: UTL, Economics, 1999
FCT research center:
Católica Lisbon Unidade de Investigação em Gestão e Economia (2015)
REBIDES institution:
Universidade Católica Portuguesa - Faculdade de Ciências Económicas e Empresariais (2015)
Articles 4:
Ranking: CEF.UP+NIPE (average of all rankings) (2012).

Aging and the Compression of Disability in Portugal. 12.85
Miguel Gouveia, Pedro Raposo
Population And Development Review, vol. 45, 2019, p. 401-418.

Are Starting Wages Reduced by an Insurance Premium for Preventing Wage Decline? Testing the Prediction of Harris and Holmstrom (1982) 17.34
Joop Hartog, Pedro Raposo
Labour Economics, vol. 48, 2017, p. 105-119.

How a Reduction of Standard Working Hours Affects Employment Dynamics 7.48
Pedro Raposo, Jan van Ours
De Economist, vol. 158, 2010, p. 193-207.

How Working Time Reduction Affects Jobs and Wages 16.4
Pedro Raposo, Jan van Ours
Economics Letters, vol. 106, 2010, p. 61-63.