Cristina Camus
REBIDES institution:
Instituto Polit├ęcnico de Lisboa - Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa (2015)
Articles 2:
Ranking: CEF.UP+NIPE (average of all rankings) (2012).

The Electric Vehicles as a Mean to Reduce CO2 Emissions and Energy Costs in Isolated Regions: The Sao Miguel (Azores) Case Study 12.84
Cristina Camus, Tiago L. Farias
Energy Policy, vol. 43, 2012, p. 153-165.

Potential Impacts Assessment of Plug-In Electric Vehicles on the Portuguese Energy Market 8.56
Cristina Camus, Tiago L. Farias, Jorge Esteves
Energy Policy, vol. 39, 2011, p. 5883-5897.