Manuel Pinheiro
Ph D: Instituto Superior Técnico, Engenharia do Ambiente,
Bachelor: Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Engenharia do Ambiente, 1985
REBIDES institution:
Universidade de Lisboa - Instituto Superior Técnico (Alameda) (2015)
Articles 3:
Ranking: CEF.UP+NIPE (average of all rankings) (2012).

The Impact of Building Orientation and Discount Rates on a Portuguese Reference Building Refurbishment Decision 6.42
Ana Brandao de Vasconcelos, António Cabaço , Manuel Pinheiro, Armando Manso
Energy Policy, vol. 91, 2016, p. 329-340.

Refurbishment Decision Support Tools Review--Energy and Life Cycle as Key Aspects to Sustainable Refurbishment Projects 8.56
Joaquim M. Ferreira, Manuel Pinheiro, Jorge de Brito
Energy Policy, vol. 62, 2013, p. 1453-1460.

In Search of Better Energy Performance in the Portuguese Buildings-The Case of the Portuguese Regulation 12.84
Manuel Pinheiro, Joaquim M. Ferreira
Energy Policy, vol. 39, 2011, p. 7666-7683.