Sofia Teives Henriques
Ph D: Lund U, Economic History, 2011
Master: ISEG, Economia e Políticas de Energia e Ambiente, 2006
Bachelor: ISCTE, Economics, 2001
Articles 7:
Ranking: CEF.UP+NIPE (average of all rankings) (2012).

Driving Factors of Differences in Primary Energy Intensities of 14 European Countries 8.56
Zeus Guevara, Sofia Teives Henriques, Tânia Sousa
Energy Policy, vol. 149, 2021, p. .

Without Coal in the Age of Steam and Dams in the Age of Electricity: An Explanation for the Failure of Portugal to Industrialize before the Second World War 9.58
Sofia Teives Henriques, Paul Sharp
European Review Of Economic History, vol. 25, 2021, p. 85-105.

International Trade and Energy Intensity During European Industrialization, 1870–1935 5.76
Astrid Kander, Paul Warde, Sofia Teives Henriques, Hana Nielsen, Viktoras Kulionis, Sven Hagen
Ecological Economics, vol. 139, 2017, p. 33-44.

The Drivers of Long-Run CO2 Emissions in Europe, North America and Japan since 1800 12.84
Sofia Teives Henriques, Karol J. Borowiecki
Energy Policy, vol. 101, 2017, p. 537-549.

The Need for Robust, Consistent Methods in Societal Exergy Accounting 5.76
Tânia Sousa, Paul E. Brockway, Jonathan M. Cullen, Sofia Teives Henriques, Jack Miller, Andre Cabrera Serrenho
Ecological Economics, vol. 141, 2017, p. 11-21.

The Danish Agricultural Revolution in an Energy Perspective: A Case of Development with Few Domestic Energy Sources 16.01
Sofia Teives Henriques, Paul Sharp
Economic History Review, vol. 69, 2016, p. 844-869.

The Modest Environmental Relief Resulting from the Transition to a Service Economy 17.29
Sofia Teives Henriques, Astrid Kander
Ecological Economics, vol. 70, 2010, p. 271-282.