Helena Lopes
REBIDES institution:
ISCTE - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (2015)
Articles 12:
Ranking: CEF.UP+NIPE (average of all rankings) (2012). Institution: ISCTE - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa.

The Centrality of Work: A Foundation for Political Economy 19.31
Helena Lopes
Review Of Political Economy, vol. 35, 2023, p. 494-509.

Taking Authority Seriously—Institutional Implications. 18.15
Helena Lopes
Journal Of Economic Issues, vol. 54, 2020, p. 613-627.

Asymmetric Labor Market Reforms: Effects on Wage Growth and Conversion Probability of Fixed-Term Contracts 12.48
Marta Silva, Luis Martins, Helena Lopes
Industrial and Labor Relations Review, vol. 71, 2018, p. 760-788.

The Moral Dimensions of the Employment Relationship: Institutional Implications 14.17
Helena Lopes
Journal Of Institutional Economics, vol. 14, 2018, p. 103-125.

The Determinants of Work Autonomy and Employee Involvement: A Multilevel Analysis 6.32
Helena Lopes, Teresa Calapez, Diniz Marques Francisco Lopes
Economic And Industrial Democracy, vol. 38, 2017, p. 448-472.

Agency Theory and Social Interactions at Work 22.3
Helena Lopes
Review Of Social Economy, vol. 74, 2016, p. 349-368.

Declining Autonomy at Work in the EU and Its Effect on Civic Behavior 6.32
Helena Lopes, Sérgio Lagoa, Teresa Calapez
Economic And Industrial Democracy, vol. 35, 2014, p. 341-366.

The Relational Dimension of Identity--Theoretical and Empirical Exploration 11.15
Helena Lopes, Teresa Calapez
Review Of Social Economy, vol. 70, 2012, p. 81-107.

Exploring the Sources and Benefits of Cooperation: The Role and Challenges of Relational and Moral Goods 8.25
Helena Lopes, Teresa Calapez
International Journal Of Social Economics, vol. 38, 2011, p. 607-627.

Why Do People Work? Individual Wants versus Common Goods 18.15
Helena Lopes
Journal Of Economic Issues, vol. 45, 2011, p. 57-73.

The motives for cooperation in work organizations 4.72
Helena Lopes, Ana Cordeiro Santos, Nuno Teles
Journal Of Institutional Economics, vol. 5, 2009, p. 315-338.

From Self-Interest Motives to Justice Motives: The Challenges of Some Experimental Results 14.62
Helena Lopes
American Journal Of Economics And Sociology, vol. 67, 2008, p. 287-313.