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Artigos 8:

Artificial Intelligence, Digital Transformation and Cybersecurity in the Banking Sector: A Multi-stakeholder Cognition-Driven Framework
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Assessing Payment Instrument Alternatives Using Cognitive Mapping and the Choquet Integral
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Transformations In Business And Economics, vol. 16, 2017, p. 170-187.

The Post-acquisition Returns of Stock Deals: Evidence of the Pervasiveness of the Asset Growth Effect
Sandra Mortal, Michael J. Schill
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Capital Allocation by Public and Private Firms
Sandra Mortal, Natalia Reisel
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Do Firms Believe in Interest Rate Parity?
Matthew R. McBrady, Sandra Mortal, Michael J. Schill
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Corruption, Political Connections, and Municipal Finance
Alexander Butler, Larry Fauver, Sandra Mortal
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Liquidity and Capital Structure
Marc Lipson, Sandra Mortal
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Stock Market Liquidity and the Decision to Repurchase
Paul Brockman, John Howe, Sandra Mortal
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