António Antunes
Ph D: U Nova, Economics, 2002
Master: UNL, Economics, 1997
Bachelor: UTL, Engineering, 1992
FCT research center:
Nova School of Business and Economics (2015)
Articles 12:
Ranking: CEF.UP+NIPE (average of all rankings) (2012).

Forecasting Banking Crises with Dynamic Panel Probit Models 8.66
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Costly Intermediation and Consumption Smoothing 11.34
António Antunes, Tiago Cavalcanti, Anne Villamil
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Setting Public Service Obligations in Low-Demand Air Transportation Networks: Application to the Azores 7.33
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The Welfare Gains of Financial Liberalization: Capital Accumulation and Heterogeneity 22.03
António Antunes, Tiago Cavalcanti
Journal Of The European Economic Association, vol. 11, 2013, p. 1348-1381.

Optimization Approach to Depot Location and Trip Selection in One-Way Carsharing Systems 9.67
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