Carlos Robalo Marques
Articles 11:
Ranking: CEF.UP+NIPE (average of all rankings) (2012).

Misallocation and Productivity in the Lead Up to the Eurozone Crisis 8.59
Daniel A. Dias, Carlos Robalo Marques, Christine Richmond
Journal Of Macroeconomics, vol. 49, 2016, p. 46-70.

A Replication Note on Downward Nominal and Real Wage Rigidity: Survey Evidence from European Firms 6.39
Daniel Dias, Carlos Robalo Marques, Fernando Martins
Empirical Economics, vol. 49, 2015, p. 1143-1152.

Understanding Price Stickiness: Firm-Level Evidence on Price Adjustment Lags and Their Asymmetries 9.34
Daniel Dias, Carlos Robalo Marques, Fernando Martins, João Santos Silva
Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, vol. 77, 2015, p. 701-718.

Choosing between Time and State Dependence: Micro Evidence on Firms` Price-Reviewing Strategies 11.86
Daniel Dias, Carlos Robalo Marques, Fernando Martins
Scandinavian Journal Of Economics, vol. 115, 2013, p. 756-780.

The Dynamic Effects of Shocks to Wages and Prices in the United States and the Euro Area 9.58
Carlos Robalo Marques, Rita Duarte
Empirical Economics, vol. 44, 2013, p. 613-638.

Wage Rigidity and Employment Adjustment at the Firm Level: Evidence from Survey Data 11.56
Daniel Dias, Fernando Martins, Carlos Robalo Marques
Labour Economics, vol. 23, 2013, p. 40-49.

Using Mean Reversion as a Measure of Persistence 13.19
Daniel Dias, Carlos Robalo Marques
Economic Modelling, vol. 27, 2010, p. 262-273.

Time- or State-Dependent Price Setting Rules? Evidence from Micro Data 15.91
Daniel Dias, Carlos Robalo Marques, João Santos Silva
European Economic Review, vol. 51, 2007, p. 1589-1613.

On the Fisher-Konieczny Index of Price Changes Synchronization 8.2
Daniel Dias, Carlos Robalo Marques, Pedro Neves, João Santos Silva
Economics Letters, vol. 87, 2005, p. 279-283.

Evaluating Core Inflation Indicators 8.79
Carlos Robalo Marques, Pedro Neves, Luis Morais Sarmento
Economic Modelling, vol. 20, 2003, p. 765-775.

Why Should Central Banks Avoid the Use of the Underlying Inflation Indicator? 10.94
Carlos Robalo Marques, Pedro Neves, Afonso Gonçalves da Silva
Economics Letters, vol. 75, 2002, p. 17-23.