Isabel Maria Bodas Freitas
Ph D: U Sussex, Science and Technology Policy, 2005
Master: U Sussex, Science and Technology Policy, 2001
Bachelor: U Porto, Economics, 1997
Articles 10:
Ranking: CEF.UP+NIPE (average of all rankings) (2012).

Sectors and the Additionality Effects of R&D Tax Credits: A Cross-Country Microeconometric Analysis 9.06
Isabel Maria Bodas Freitas, Fulvio Castellacci, Roberto Fontana, Franco Malerba, Andrea Vezzulli
Research Policy, vol. 46, 2017, p. 57-72.

Finding the Right Partners: Institutional and Personal Modes of Governance of University-Industry Interactions 15.1
Isabel Maria Bodas Freitas, Aldo Geuna, Federica Rossi
Research Policy, vol. 42, 2013, p. 50-62.

University-Industry Collaboration and Innovation in Emergent and Mature Industries in New Industrialized Countries 22.64
Isabel Maria Bodas Freitas, Rosane Argou Marques
Research Policy, vol. 42, 2013, p. 443-453.

Openness to International Markets and the Diffusion of Standards Compliance in Latin America: A Multi Level Analysis 22.64
Isabel Maria Bodas Freitas, Michiko Iizuka
Research Policy, vol. 41, 2012, p. 201-215.

The Kyoto Mechanisms and the Diffusion of Renewable Energy Technologies in the BRICS 8.56
Isabel Maria Bodas Freitas, Eva Dantas, Michiko Iizuka
Energy Policy, vol. 42, 2012, p. 118-128.

Traditional versus Heterodox Motives for Academic Patenting: Evidence from the Netherlands 7.96
Alessandro Nuvolari, Isabel Maria Bodas Freitas
Industry And Innovation, vol. 19, 2012, p. 671-695.

Formal and Informal External Linkages and Firms Innovative Strategies: A Cross-Country Comparison 5.95
Isabel Maria Bodas Freitas, Tommy H. Clausen, Roberto Fontana, Bart Verspagen
Journal Of Evolutionary Economics, vol. 21, 2011, p. 91-119.

Technological Learning Environments and Organizational Practices--Cross-Sectoral Evidence from Britain 31.02
Isabel Maria Bodas Freitas
Industrial And Corporate Change, vol. 20, 2011, p. 1439-1474.

Analysing Knowledge Transfer Channels between Universities and Industry: To What Degree Do Sectors Also Matter? 22.64
Rudi Bekkers, Isabel Maria Bodas Freitas
Research Policy, vol. 37, 2008, p. 1837-1853.

Mapping Public Support for Innovation: A Comparison of Policy Alignment in the UK and France 22.64
Isabel Maria Bodas Freitas, Nick von Tunzelmann
Research Policy, vol. 37, 2008, p. 1446-1464.