Ecological Economics web
Points Position
CEF.UP+NIPE (average of all rankings) (2012) 34.58 88/501
ABS (2010) 75.0 120/288
Australian RC (2010) 75.0 218/479
CNRS (2008) 80.0 62/336
Combes and Linnemer (2003) 17.0 207/253
Ideas discounted recursive impact factor (2012) 0.98 239/396
ISI, JCR SSE, Article Influence Score (2010) 8.34 115/316
ISI, JCR SSE, Impact Factor (2010) 37.06 28/388
Kalaitzidakis et al (2010) 1.03 87/196
Kodrzycki and Yu (2006) 1.41 110/177
Lubrano et al (2003) 20.0 181/211
Qualis (2008) 75.0 107/200
Ritzberger (2008) 0.33 148/153
Schneider and Ursprung (2008) 40.0 141/278
Source Normalized Impact per Paper (SNIP) (2011) 20.25 75/476
Tinbergen Institute (2011) 25.0 102/119
Count 1.0 267/632
SJR (2016) 1.73 93/470
Articles 57:

Health Consequences of the Russian Weather
Vladimir Otrachshenko, Olga Popova, Pavel Solomin
vol. 132, 2017, p. 290-306.

Shaded Coffee and Cocoa--Double Dividend for Biodiversity and Small-Scale Farmers
Rosalien E. Jezeer, Pita A. Verweij , Maria J Santos, Rene G.A. Boot
vol. 140, 2017, p. 136-145.

Ecosystems, Strong Sustainability and the Classical Circular Economy
Nuno Ornelas Martins
vol. 129, 2016, p. 32-39.

How (Not) to Pay--Field Experimental Evidence on the Design of REDD+ Payments
Tim Reutemann , Stefanie Engel , Eliana Pareja
vol. 129, 2016, p. 220-229.

Inequality, Sustainability and Piketty's Capital
Nuno Ornelas Martins
vol. 118, 2015, p. 287-291.

Landowner Preferences for Agri-Environmental Agreements to Conserve the Montado Ecosystem in Portugal
Rui Santos, Pedro Clemente, Roy Brouwer, Paula Antunes, Rute Pinto
vol. 118, 2015, p. 159-167.

Participatory Systems Mapping for Sustainable Consumption: Discussion of a Method Promoting Systemic Insights: Corrigendum
Michal Sedlacko, André Martinuzzi, Inge Røpke, Nuno Videira, Paula Antunes
vol. 109, 2015, p. 234-234.

Determinants of Trip Choice, Satisfaction and Loyalty in an Eco-tourism Destination: A Modelling Study on the Shiretoko Peninsula, Japan
João Romão, Bart Neuts, Peter Nijkamp, Asami Shikida
vol. 107, 2014, p. 195-205.

Investigating Fishers` Preferences for the Design of Marine Payments for Environmental Services Schemes
Susana Mourato, Rhona F. Barr
vol. 108, 2014, p. 91-103.

Labeling Energy Cost on Light Bulbs Lowers Implicit Discount Rates
Jihoon Min, Inês Lima Azevedo, Jeremy Michalek, Wändi Bruine de Bruin
vol. 97, 2014, p. 42-50.

Modeling the Links between Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services and Human Wellbeing in the Context of Climate Change: Results from an Econometric Analysis of the European Forest Ecosystems
Helen Ding, Paulo A. L. D. Nunes
vol. 97, 2014, p. 60-73.

Participatory Systems Mapping for Sustainable Consumption: Discussion of a Method Promoting Systemic Insights
Michal Sedlacko, André Martinuzzi, Inge Røpke, Nuno Videira, Paula Antunes
vol. 106, 2014, p. 33-43.

The Impact of Changing Rainfall Variability on Resource-Dependent Wealth Dynamics
Christopher B. Barrett, Paulo Santos
vol. 105, 2014, p. 48-54.

Using Choice Modeling to Estimate the Effects of Environmental Improvements on Local Development: When the Purpose Modifies the Tool
Maria Helena Enes Guimarães
vol. 108, 2014, p. 79-90.

A Global Map of Coastal Recreation Values: Results from a Spatially Explicit Meta-analysis
Paulo A. L. D. Nunes, Andrea Ghermandi
vol. 86, 2013, p. 1-15.

Assessment of the Theory of Comprehensive National Accounting with Data for Portugal
Tiago Domingos, Rui Pedro Mota
vol. 95, 2013, p. 188-196.

A Two-Stage Econometric Method for the Estimation of Carbon Multipliers with Rectangular Supply and Use Tables
João Filipe Rodrigues, José M. Rueda-Cantuche
vol. 95, 2013, p. 206-212.

Beach `Lovers` and `Greens`: A Worldwide Empirical Analysis of Coastal Tourism
Paulo A. L. D. Nunes, Laura Onofri
vol. 88, 2013, p. 49-56.

Conflicting Values and Public Decision: The Foz Coa Case
Maria de Fátima Ferreiro, Maria Eduarda Gonçalves, Ana Narciso Costa
vol. 86, 2013, p. 129-135.

Estimating Direct and Indirect Rebound Effects for U.S. Households with Input-Output Analysis: Part 1: Theoretical Framework
Brinda A. Thomas, Inês Lima Azevedo
vol. 86, 2013, p. 199-210.

Estimating Direct and Indirect Rebound Effects for U.S. Households with Input-Output Analysis: Part 2: Simulation
Brinda A. Thomas, Inês Lima Azevedo
vol. 86, 2013, p. 188-198.

International Trade and the Geographical Separation between Income and Enabled Carbon Emissions
Alexandra Marques, João Dias Rodrigues, Tiago Domingos
vol. 89, 2013, p. 162-169.

Life Satisfaction and Air Quality in Europe
Susana Ferreira
vol. 88, 2013, p. 1-10.

The Place of the Capability Approach within Sustainability Economics
Nuno Ornelas Martins
vol. 95, 2013, p. 226-230.

Afforestation and Timber Management Compliance Strategies in Climate Policy: A Computable General Equilibrium Analysis
Melania Michetti, Renato Rosa
vol. 77, 2012, p. 139-148.

Economic Analysis of Scenarios for the Sustainability of Extensive Livestock Farming in Spain under the CAP
Juan Agustin Franco, Paula Gaspar, Francisco Javier Mesías
vol. 74, 2012, p. 120-129.

Income-Based Environmental Responsibility
Tiago Domingos, Alexandra Marques, João Dias Rodrigues, Manfred Lenzen
vol. 84, 2012, p. 57-65.

A Bibliometric Account of the Evolution of EE in the Last Two Decades
Manuela Castro e Silva, Aurora Teixeira
vol. 70, 2011, p. 849-862.

Community Conservation and a Two-Stage Approach to Payments for Ecosystem Services
Matthew Cranford, Susana Mourato
vol. 71, 2011, p. 89-98.

Economic Valuation of Species Loss in the Open Sea
Adriana Ressurreicao, James Gibbons, Tomaz Ponce Dentinho, Michel Kaiser, Ricardo S. Santos, Gareth Edwards-Jones
vol. 70, 2011, p. 729-739.

Energy, Property, and the Industrial Revolution Narrative
Stefania Barca
vol. 70, 2011, p. 1309-1315.

Estimating the Impacts of Eliminating Fisheries Subsidies on the Small Island Economy of the Azores
Natacha Carvalho, Sameer Rege, Mario Fortuna, Eduardo Isidro, Gareth Edwards-Jones
vol. 70, 2011, p. 1822-1830.

Humans, Environment and Economies: From Vicious Relationships to Virtuous Responsibility
Olívia Bina, Sofia Guedes Vaz
vol. 72, 2011, p. 170-178.

Promise and Shortcomings of a Green Turn in Recent Policy Responses to the 'Double Crisis'
Olívia Bina, Francesco La Camera
vol. 70, 2011, p. 2308-2316.

Sustainability Economics, Ontology and the Capability Approach
Nuno Ornelas Martins
vol. 72, 2011, p. 1-4.

The Asian Clam Corbicula Fluminea in the European Freshwater-Dependent Industry: A Latent Threat or a Friendly Enemy?
Ines C. Rosa, Joana L. Pereira, João Ferreira Gomes, Pedro M. Saraiva, Raquel Costa
vol. 70, 2011, p. 1805-1813.

Analysis of Genuine Saving and Potential Green Net National Income: Portugal, 1990-2005
Rui Pedro Mota, Tiago Domingos, Victor Martins
vol. 69, 2010, p. 1934-1942.

Coexistence Regulations and Agriculture Production: A Case Study of Five Bt Maize Producers in Portugal
Theodoros Skevas, Pedro Fevereiro, Justus Wesseler
vol. 69, 2010, p. 2402-2408.

Corruption and the Environmental Kuznets Curve: Empirical Evidence for Sulfur
Alexandra Leitão
vol. 69, 2010, p. 2191-2201.

Externalities in an Endogenous Growth Model with Social and Natural Capital
Catarina Roseta Palma, Alexandra Ferreira Lopes, Tiago Neves Sequeira
vol. 69, 2010, p. 603-612.

Measuring Sustainable Welfare: A New Approach to the ISEW
Pedro Beça, Rui Santos
vol. 69, 2010, p. 810-819.

The Impact of Discounting Emission Credits on the Competitiveness of Different CDM Host Countries
Paula Castro, Axel Michaelowa
vol. 70, 2010, p. 34-42.

The Modest Environmental Relief Resulting from the Transition to a Service Economy
Sofia Teives Henriques, Astrid Kander
vol. 70, 2010, p. 271-282.

Life Satisfaction and Air Quality in London
George MacKerron, Susana Mourato
vol. 22, 2009, p. 1441-1453.

Participation and Evaluation for Sustainable River Basin Governance
Paula Antunes, Giorgos Kallis, Nuno Videira, Rui Santos
vol. 68, 2009, p. 931-939.

Scoping River Basin Management Issues with Participatory Modelling: The Baixo Guadiana Experience
Nuno Videira, Paula Antunes, Rui Santos
vol. 68, 2009, p. 965-978.

Consumer and Producer Environmental Responsibility: Comparing Two Approaches
João Filipe Rodrigues, Tiago Domingos
vol. 66, 2008, p. 533-546.

Consumer and Producer Responsibility: Comments
João Filipe Rodrigues, Tiago Domingos
vol. 66, 2008, p. 551-0.

Economic Valuation of Biodiversity: A Comparative Study
Peter Nijkamp, Gabriella Vindigni, Paulo A. L. D. Nunes
vol. 67, 2008, p. 217-231.

Economic Valuation of Habitat Defragmentation: A Study of the Veluwe, the Netherlands
Martijn van der Heide, Jeroen van den Bergh, Ekko Van Ierland, Paulo A. L. D. Nunes
vol. 67, 2008, p. 205-216.

Designing an Indicator of Environmental Responsibility
João Filipe Rodrigues, Tiago Domingos, Stefan Giljum, Francois Schneider
vol. 59, 2006, p. 256-266.

Is Neoclassical Microeconomics Formally Valid? An Approach Based on an Analogy with Equilibrium Thermodynamics
Tânia Sousa, Tiago Domingos
vol. 58, 2006, p. 160-169.

Stakeholder Participation in the Design of Environmental Policy Mixes
Rui Santos, Paula Antunes, Gualter Baptista, Pedro Mateus, Luisa Madruga
vol. 60, 2006, p. 100-110.

Constraints on Dematerialisation and Allocation of Natural Capital along a Sustainable Growth Path
João Filipe Rodrigues, Tiago Domingos, Pedro Conceição, José Belbute
vol. 54, 2005, p. 382-396.

A New Environmental Kuznets Curve? Relationship between Direct Material Input and Income per capita: Evidence from Industrialised Countries
Angela Canas, Paulo Ferrao, Pedro Conceição
vol. 46, 2003, p. 217-229.

Economic Valuation of Biodiversity: Sense or Nonsense?
Paulo A. L. D. Nunes, Jeroen van den Bergh
vol. 39, 2001, p. 203-222.

Integrated Environmental Management of the Oceans
Paula Antunes, Rui Santos
vol. 31, 1999, p. 215-226.