Miguel Viegas
Ph D: FEP, Economia,
Bachelor: Universidade de Aveiro, Economia,
REBIDES institution:
Universidade de Aveiro (2015)
Articles 8:
Ranking: CEF.UP+NIPE (average of all rankings) (2012).

Fiscal Consolidations: A Theoretical Essay with a Heterogeneous-Agent Model 4.43
Miguel Viegas, Ana Paula Ribeiro
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Assessing Welfare Impacts of Some Debt-Consolidation Episodes in the European Union 17.27
Miguel Viegas, Ana Paula Ribeiro
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Impact and Complementarity of Public Support to Business Funded R&D: The Importance of Policy-Mix and Policy Stability 2.87
Celeste Amorim, Miguel Viegas
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Welfare and Inequality Effects of Debt Consolidation Processes: The Case of Spain, 1996-2007 1.13
Miguel Viegas, Ana Paula Ribeiro
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The Economic Adjustment Program for Portugal: Assessing Welfare Impact in a Heterogeneous-Agent Framework 1.91
Miguel Viegas, Ana Paula Ribeiro
Portuguese Economic Journal, vol. 13, 2014, p. 53-70.

Convergence in the Spanish and Portuguese NUTS 3 Regions: An Exploratory Spatial Approach 3.01
Micaela Antunes, Miguel Viegas
Intereconomics/Review of European Economic Policy, vol. 48, 2013, p. 59-66.

The Dutch Experience: Assessing the Welfare Impacts of Two Consolidation Strategies Using a Heterogeneous-Agent Framework 13.19
Ana Paula Ribeiro, Miguel Viegas
Economic Modelling, vol. 32, 2013, p. 351-360.

Welfare-Improving Government Behavior and Inequality in a Heterogeneous Agents Model 12.88
Ana Paula Ribeiro, Miguel Viegas
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