Transportation Research: Part D: Transport And Environmen
Points Position
CEF.UP+NIPE (average of all rankings) (2012) 14.21 320/501
ABS (2010) 50.0 249/288
Australian RC (2010) 50.0 377/479
ISI, JCR SSE, Article Influence Score (2010) 5.19 186/316
ISI, JCR SSE, Impact Factor (2010) 14.91 154/388
Source Normalized Impact per Paper (SNIP) (2011) 12.53 178/476
Count 1.0 548/632
SJR (2016) 1.14 158/470
Articles 16:

Analysis of Fuel Consumption and Pollutant Emissions of Regulated and Alternative Driving Cycles Based on Real-World Measurements
Gonçalo O. Duarte, Gonçalo A. Gonçalves, Tiago L. Farias
vol. 44, 2016, p. 43-54.

How to Combine Different Microsimulation Tools to Assess the Environmental Impacts of Road Traffic? Lessons and Directions
Tânia Fontes, Sérgio Ramos Pereira, Paulo G. Fernandes, Jorge M Bandeira, Margarida C. Coelho
vol. 34, 2015, p. 293-306.

Influential Vectors in Fuel Consumption by an Urban Bus Operator: Bus Route, Driver Behavior or Vehicle Type?
João de Abreu e Silva, Filipe Moura, Bernardo Garcia, Rodrigo Vargas
vol. 38, 2015, p. 94-104.

Prediction of Ground Vibration Amplitudes Due to Urban Railway Traffic Using Quantitative and Qualitative Field Data
Gustavo Paneiro, Fernando de Oliveira Durão, Maria Matilde Costa e Silva, Paula Falcão Neves
vol. 40, 2015, p. 1-13.

The Impact of Transport Policies on Railroad Intermodal Freight Competitiveness--The Case of Belgium
Bruno F. Santos, Sabine Limbourg, Joana S. Carreira
vol. 34, 2015, p. 230-244.

The Importance of the Use Phase on the LCA of Environmentally Friendly Solutions for Asphalt Road Pavements
João Paulo C Araújo, Joel R. M. Oliveira, Hugo M. R. D. da Silva
vol. 32, 2014, p. 97-110.

Vehicle Monitoring for Driver Training in Bus Companies--Application in Two Case Studies in Portugal
Tiago L. Farias, Gonçalo O. Duarte, Gonçalo A. Gonçalves
vol. 18, 2013, p. 103-109.

Evaluation of Urban Accessibility Indicators Based on Internal and External Environmental Costs
Tiago L. Farias, Ana S. Vasconcelos
vol. 17, 2012, p. 433-441.

Traffic Noise Abatement: How Different Pavements, Vehicle Speeds and Traffic Densities Affect Annoyance Levels
Elisabete Freitas, Catarina Mendonça, Jorge A. Santos, João P. Ferreira
vol. 17, 2012, p. 321-326.

Accessibility Appraisal of Land-Use/Transport Policy Strategies: More Than Just Adding Up Travel-Time Savings
Karst Geurs, Barry Zondag, Gerard de Jong, Michiel de Bok
vol. 15, 2010, p. 382-393.

An Economic Assessment of the Impacts of the MOSE Barriers on Venice Port Activities
Lucia Vergano, Georg Umgiesser, Paulo A. L. D. Nunes
vol. 15, 2010, p. 343-349.

Evaluating the energy performance of a SUV hybrid electric vehicle
Marco B. Luzia
vol. 15, 2010, p. 443-450.

Assessing methods for comparing emissions from gasoline and diesel light-duty vehicles based on microscale measurements
Margarida C. Coelho, H. Christopher Frey, Nagui M. Rouphail, Haibo Zhai, Luc Pelkmans
vol. 14, 2009, p. 91-99.

Choice valuation of traffic restrictions: Noise, pollution, and congestion preferences. A note
Carlos Pestana Barros, Peter Dieke
vol. 13, 2008, p. 347-350.

Stated Choice Valuations of Traffic Related Noise
Elisabete Arsenio, Abigail L. Bristow, Mark R. Wardman
vol. 11, 2006, p. 15-31.

Impact of speed control traffic signals on pollutant emissions
Margarida C. Coelho, Tiago L. Farias, Nagui M. Rouphail
vol. 10, 2005, p. 323-340.