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Artigos 10:

The Potential of Energy Behaviours in a Smart(er) Grid: Policy Implications from a Portuguese Exploratory Study
Marta A.R. Lopes, Carlos Henggeler Antunes , Kathryn B. Janda, Paulo Peixoto, Nelson Martins
Energy Policy, vol. 90, 2016, p. 233-245.

The Relevance of Physical Forces on Land-Use Change and Planning Process
Rosinda Leonor Pato, Paula Castro, Alexandre O. Tavares
Journal Of Environmental Planning And Management, vol. 59, 2016, p. 607-627.

Evaluation of Electrochromic Windows Impact in the Energy Performance of Buildings in Mediterranean Climates
Paulo Filipe Tavares, Adélio Rodrigues Gaspar, António G. Martins, Francesco Frontini
Energy Policy, vol. 67, 2014, p. 68-81.

Ownership Concentration, Contestability, Family Firms, and Capital Structure
Mário Sacramento dos Santos, António C. Moreira, Elisabete Vieira
Journal Of Management And Governance, vol. 18, 2014, p. 1063-1107.

Hybrid Modeling to Support Energy-Climate Policy: Effects of Feed-In Tariffs to Promote Renewable Energy in Portugal
Sara Proença, Miguel St Aubyn
Energy Economics, vol. 38, 2013, p. 176-185.

MPOC: An agglomerative algorithm for multicriteria partially ordered clustering
Clara Rocha, Luis Dias
4 OR: A Quarterly Journal of Operations Research, vol. 11, 2013, p. 253-273.

SMEs` Investment Determinants: Empirical Evidence Using Quantile Approach
Paulo Maçãs Nunes, Sílvia Mendes, Zélia Serrasqueiro
Journal Of Business Economics And Management, vol. 13, 2012, p. 866-894.

Environmental and Socio-economic Factors in Carbon Offsets: An Approach to Sustainable Management and Planning in Climate Change Strategy
Ryunosuke Kikuchi
Journal Of Environmental Planning And Management, vol. 54, 2011, p. 3655-367.

Tourism as an alternative source of regional growth in Portugal: a panel data analysis at NUTS II and III levels
Elias Soukiazis, Sara Proença
Portuguese Economic Journal, vol. 7, 2008, p. 43-61.

The Underinvestment and Overinvestment Hypotheses: An Analysis Using Panel Data
Artur Morgado, Julio Pindado
European Financial Management, vol. 9, 2003, p. 163-177.